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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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Wednesday worktable…

What made an appearance on my work table yesterday?

I do not actually have a work table because the closest thing to a source of water in my house is the top of my washing machine in the laundry room. If I am using wet media that is where I stand. Good news is that sliding doors can hide the mess and supplies. Bad news is that other people in the house have to make an appointment to wash their cloths. The machine vibrates too much for anything to be on top of it during a cycle and I really hate it if things fall behind the washer since they are almost impossible to get out. If you don’t make an appointment or ask me to clear the machine, then you risk my wrath.

On my pseudo work table yesterday were these collages getting some final touches.

I started this collage while I was taking the on-line class with Misty Mawn.

I had always tried making transfers by taking my original photo to Kinko’s and making a color copy of it to use to transfer the image. Misty demonstrated using the image printed on your own inkjet printer. Always hoping to save time and money, I tried, but was not too adept at the method (my inks dissolved and made mud) so in order to save it I took used tea bags, emptied and flattened, and gel-mediumed them on top of the three images of the doll in the back. I did use the image of the same doll (the largest one) printed with my inkjet that I had altered with PicGrunger on my iPhone. The cracks across its face come from that app. I was able to judge how quickly to work before dissolving the ink when I was pasting an image down rather than when trying to transfer an image. Another illustration that there are no mistakes in art, just new opportunities. I was waiting for an opportunity to use those teabags I had dried and emptied a few months ago! My world traveling uncle gave me the doll back when I was in elementary school. This collage done on watercolor paper is quite large for me, 18″ x 22″. Now I have to figure out how to mount it so it can hang.

This collage I had started a long time ago, but the class spurred me to finish it so it was on the washing machine, also. It is on 12″ x 12″ canvas and I used multiple layers of Golden’s tar gel medium to get a really thick coat in order to submerge the yarn. In person it looks like it has many layers and depth and the spots are actually metallic leaf.

I also made two accordion books (each from one piece of paper) in different sizes but haven’t put images in them yet so won’t take pictures until they look more completed. They have internal pockets and are very cute!

Terry went to work on Wednesday so I got a lot done. Otherwise it is two retired people frequently looking at each other with impulsive suggestions for fun excursions to make. Wednesday has now become my official work day so that I can say I accomplished something…