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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


In and around…

Now that the Paris posts are complete, it was refreshing to play with shots I took last week on a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. Some of these are the architecture inside the museum, some from the roof top sculpture garden, some from the street walking to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and all using the Snapseed app for the iPhone. SFMOMA will be remodeled soon and evidently the center staircase will be eliminated. I will miss it.












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Partners in art…

Made my way to SF Museum of Modern Art on Sunday

through rain and mist

to volunteer at the Family Art Day that included

a collaborative mural.

I am in love with drips.

This mural will be cut up and sent to the collaborators. They will be invited to come back in June with their piece to reassemble the mural.

Collaborative partners also made collages-separate art that was then combined to make one piece.

I collaborated with my iPhone to create new art

from a poster on a bus stop I passed on my route.

It is what I believe…

Hipstamatic app with Backgroundz app and PicGrunger app on the last image.

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iphone Photo Friday…

Mondrian cake, SFMOMA, June 20, 2010

Taken with the camera in the iphone and then processed with TiltShiftGenerator. Last image also uses layers with DXP (copper finish of a mailbox, window in San Francisco that has the word artisan on it, a doll in a winery in Healdsberg) and LoMob filter.

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Family Art…

Last Sunday I volunteered at the San Francisco Musuem of Modern Art during their Family Art Experience Day.

My walk from BART to the museum included these shots:

MonoPhix app, antique filter

CameraBag app

It is such a pleasure to help with art activities where I do not have to collect and store the supplies. An even bigger bonus is not having to figure out the ins and outs of the lesson plan. The frosting is interacting with 4-11 year olds over the concept of creativity. When I got to the studio area, I couldn’t believe my good fortune, the topic of exploration for the day was Visual Blur. Wouldn’t you know, looking at art through layers. The kids got to make blur tools and then walk through the galleries of the museum and look through their filters. They could also check out a camera, take some shots in the galleries, and then come back to turn in the camera and print out their favorite image. I was so happy to be a part of “learning to see” at an early age.

Sparking ideas



blur layer of an Ansel Adams tree

Wayne Thiebaud with blur layer

Near the children’s studio is a painting by Roy DeForest. A wonderful vibrant piece called “Country Dog Gentlemen” from 1972. The link (above) to this painting even has an interactive feature where the dogs introduce art from the museum.

"Country Dog Gentlemen", portion, Roy De Forest

An example of the texture in this painting:

physical and visual texture

I couldn’t deny myself the fun that everyone was having with blurred layers. Here is a section of Roy De Forest with an Ansel Adams blurred tree using an iphone camera with the DXP app:

Some kind of a nice abstract