Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…




We went out to Fort Cronkhite last weekend. TM needed to do some off-season maintenance jobs for GGRO (Golden Gate Raptor Observatory) and I always jump at the chance to go with if he is going to spend the morning at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Plus, I get a lunch in Sausalito and a dash into the Heath Ceramics Factory Store. An ideal day, IMHO. It was so foggy this particular morning that you could not tell that there was a Golden Gate Bridge when the road passed it and there were raindrops to dodge. It was beautiful anyway. I took a lot of video clips  and included some 8mm app footage, but wasn’t quite sure what my story was until I ran across a poem by Mary Oliver. Here are some still shots, the poem, and the iMovie I made with them all. You can make the movie full screen by clicking in front of the word vimeo.

IMG_9258IMG_9194IMG_9204IMG_9267IMG_9328IMG_9335IMG_9336I Go Down to the Shore  by Mary Oliver

I go down to the shore in the morning

and depending on the hour the waves

are rolling in or moving out,

and I say, oh, I am miserable,

what shall—

what should I do? And the sea says

in its lovely voice:

Excuse me, I have work to do.

https://vimeo.com/63275654 (click to see the movie)