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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



One of my iPhone collages was accepted into an art show “Expanding Vision a Contribution to Mobile Photography” at The Arts Center, Corvallis, Oregon. The show runs from August 21 until Sept 28. I posted this collage before, but now it has been collaged to a collage. (I was just waiting to use that sentence!)  Wish I could visit the show, but if you are in the neighborhood I hope you will drop by! Here is information about the show and a slide show of the works included.

Also, links to most of the photographers are listed.

Here is my collaged work…


My iPhone collage was created from three photos taken while I was in Perugia last October…one of a skyline, one of a gargoyle on the museum, and one of a store with the word Perugia on its sign. Those were combined with Image Blender app and put through some distressing with Pic Grunger app. The original skyline photo was put through Etchings app for a treatment that makes it look like a postage stamp. The printed collage was put on an 11″x 14″cradled board that had been treated with lots of texture. Paper (some I printed myself, some collected),  acrylic mediums and acrylic paint were used to finish the collage.

What an honor! Excitement!


An ode to a Dutchman’s Pipe…

Ahh, the pipevine (Aristolochia californica) is blooming and I have not commemorated it yet. A California native plant, deer won’t eat it and it grows rampantly. That makes it good on a fence where deer could get at it on one side. It also is supposed to have a blue butterfly, but you could not prove that by our plant because we have never seen one here. We do get the uniquely shaped flowers and pods (left from last season). As luck would have it, the bloom coincided with my seeing the Georgia O’Keeffe show at the deYoung Museum. I came home from the show and knew I had to photographically deal with the blooms keeping abstraction in mind and muttering crop, crop, crop…what would Georgia do? These are not scientific renderings…just some play with some new apps with serendipitous results.
The work flow in general:
All were originally taken in the iPhone native camera, then, imported into and saved from the following apps. The saved version was then imported into the next app.
Snapseed (cropping and touch up of saturation, brightness and contrast)
TouchreTouch (I had placed a sheet of paper behind each flower for a plain background and sometimes when I cropped square I had corners I needed to touch up)
Waterlogue or Glaze (for a painted look) I often did this multiple times for various degrees of the paint-look
Blender (I used the saved image from TouchreTouch as the bottom layer with each painterly image on top flattening in between)
When I liked it the saved image went into DistressedFX for some aging. Some also went into PicGrunger for creases or cracks.
Please do not think reality…just form and shape!










This flower is one of my garden’s highlights.

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Inspired by my visit to a new city, new photos from the visit, and even a new app for my iPhone, today I have been playing…in between painting new doors and windows…almost done now, only the bathroom left for the worker guys to do.

The app is called CollagePro. It has a lot of nice things about it, however, it kept crashing before I could save what I was doing and I got very frustrated with it. Then I realized, if  I saved after every move I made instead of only at the end, maybe it would not get so temperamental about the whole thing and treat me nicer. So, I started doing frequent saving and combining parts I got out of CollagePro with other apps and I became more successful…a combination of CollagePro, PicGrunger, Blender, and Snapseed gave me these…

The center image is a texture shot of a large, bronze elephant statue in a Portland park.

Have I mentioned how much I like bridges? Here, the best is last…

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August Break…

A college made with my iPhone that contains a background image that includes an old advertising sign from Effinger Brewery in Baraboo, Wisconsin (Terry’s family’s brewery that became an ice cream factory during Prohibition.) Processed with Juxtaposer, Blender, and PicGrunger apps. Maybe others, can’t remember…

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iPhone Photo Friday…

I know, I know, it is Saturday, but I have an excuse. My daughter took me out to lunch yesterday for a belated Mother’s Day and I spent a couple of hours on the road to get to where she lives and back home again. Also, my iPad arrived from China, so I just had to play for awhile!

Today, even though it is Saturday, I will explain this montage of photos.

I started with backgrounds.

This started as a watercolor painting with a print from a leaf on top. After it was photographed with the iPhone native camera it was processed using Pic Grunger. Another image (of the skin of a snake at the Academy of Sciences) was processed and had some of its colors changed.

This image of a wall at the Academy of Sciences was layered using Blender app and the snake skin colors started to change.

I layered the snake skin layer with the water color layer using Blender app.

At this point I put it into Impression app for the numbers.

I had also taken a photo of a fish at the Academy of Sciences in one of their aquariums.

I switched to Juxtaposer app so that I could control the images separately. The fish was the top image and I erased some of the image and then rotated it to where I wanted it on the bottom image.

I put this back into Impression app so that I could place the word water and then a second time so that I could put my name in the corner..

The last step was to put a frame on it using the Photo Studio app.

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iPhone Photo Friday…

A lovely, sunshiny, gardeny kind of day so had to play with iPhone apps on pictures from the garden…

Lewisia cotyledon

Iris app, Juxtaposer app, Pic Grunger app, Impression app

California Poppy

Artista oil app, Juxtaposer app,  Pic Grunger app, Impression app

Chalk Dudleya

Artista oil app, Picfx app, Juxtaposer app, Pic Grunger app, Impression app