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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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Happy New Year…

I was looking through a year’s worth of photos to create a review of my year and try to use the split screen capabilities of iMovie. This time of year is such a natural demarcation for me because practically all celebration in my life occur between the last week in November and January 1st. TM’s birthday and Thanksgiving (usually the same day or very close), Christmas, my birthday, New Year’s Eve all in one week. New Year’s Eve is also the anniversary of when I met TM and the night he asked me to marry him. Only two kids birthdays and our wedding anniversary happen in other parts of the year. This movie helped to wrap up the year. It felt good to look again at all the parts of the year. The garden flourished and the seasons changed indicated by the farmer’s market produce coming in on schedule. We saw many exciting sites in the world and close to home. I didn’t realize how the California coast figured so prominently in our journeys and, of course, San Francisco. Visually entrancing places. I started to use Photoshop Elements again at the end of the year. 2013 was a very happy year for us…I wish a beautiful 2014 for you!



Monday…TM off to work…just me, the dog, and the cat…hmmm…play!

Making patterns with paint and ink and pen but the thought “What would happen if I…” started creeping in and before you know it I was grabbing my iPad to snap pictures and pulling out that old Blender App to see how I could combine my patterns. Blender App has similar layering blend modes to Photoshop Elements (overlay, hard light, hue, etc.) and there you have it. New patterns that I printed out on Office Depot Presentation paper to use in collages and bookmaking. Oh, the beauty of a morning such as this.

Original painted patterns:


This plus this:

plus3Gave me these:

pattern14 pattern13pattern15This plus this:


Gave me this:


This plus this:


Gave me these:

pattern6 pattern5 pattern4

This plus this:


Had these results:

pattern19 pattern21 pattern22 pattern24

Enjoying “Sewn” with Mary Ann Moss.

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Does Orton have a who…

I am an IG’er. There I said it. Addicted to posting pictures on the Instagram site. I am definitely not a Twitterer, takes too many words. But Instagram is visually just up my alley. Some people have thousands of followers, me, not so much. I do however enjoy telling people that I like their images with a ♥. Also, I follow Jamie Oliver, the chef. He is in Tuscany right now and I learned about Amoro from him tonight. The other interesting thing is that I have learned about photography from joining groups on the sight. I am not really one that would join in a flash mob in Union Square, but one poster proposed as many people as possible post to #ortonoffensive at a particular time and day in an attempt to have the entire popular page of the site made up of orton shots for that time. Pretty interesting if you think about it. I did not, however, have any idea what an orton shot was. I had an app that had an Orton filter which led me to Wickipedia. Photographer Michael Orton invented the Orton slide sandwich where two shots of the same image, one focused, one out of focus, are layered for high and low detail in the same image. You can also create this ethereal effect using Photoshop Elements. Here is a tutorial.

Yesterday, my post was Orton shots of my garden. I couldn’t get things to stop moving and be focused anyway because of the breeze so I tried to exploit it. I did forget one of my pictures in the post so here it comes today with this explanation.

The original foggy, blurry shot of a Spice Bush flower:

Run through the Dynamic Light app for the Orton Filter:

With an added frame from Snapseed app:

I think the image was saved from itself and will make a nice entry in a visual journal. Plus I learned something new.

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Back here I talked about going to the Yerba Buena Nursery on a unique sunny day between storms. The plants we purchased have not been put in the ground yet because of all the rain (actually, the backyard is on the order of a swimming pool), but this lovely dwarf Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris “Native Warrior” is blooming in its pot. I think it is called a warrior because it is good in rock gardens and is draught tolerant. Beauty and perseverance like that needs a commemorative photo, even though the maroon color is not totally accurate since I turned the photo to sepia tone before I painted back in the spot color in Photoshop Elements.