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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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A confection…3…

The inside of the Palau Musica Catalana…

Lobby and grande staircase.

IMG_8171 IMG_8172 IMG_8173 IMG_8174 IMG_8175


The marble balustrade with iron encased in glass railing…

IMG_8205 IMG_8203

Possibly the most impressive and beautiful skylight. The Moderisme architects did assemble the best artists and support team available…stained glass by Antoni Rigalt…

IMG_8176 IMG_8178IMG_8184IMG_8189IMG_8188IMG_8191IMG_8192IMG_8187

I’m including some music to entertain you…

A sculptural ode to Catalan folk music on the left of the stage…


A sculptural ode to classical music on the right…(that is Beethoven)…


Stage murals of eighteen muses with trencadís in the background, three-dimensional sculptures of heads and instruments by Eusebi Arnau, and mosaic bodies by Lluí Brú.



Roofs, chimneys, pinnacles, and spires…(part three)


Palau Güell

How many pedestrians notice this roof line as they walk on the narrow street? Probably only those who know to look up, they are near a Gaudí building!


This is an amazing building inside, but since Gaudí controlled every detail, even the roof got his fancy treatment. The top floors contained the servant’s quarters and I am pretty sure the wealthy family who lived here did not access the roof part of the house often, so I think of it as Gaudí making a “Disneyland for the help”. He combined so many different types of materials and textures it was feast for the eyes.

IMG_8095 IMG_8093IMG_8090IMG_8088 IMG_8087 IMG_8086IMG_8068 IMG_8073 IMG_8072 IMG_8071 IMG_8070 IMG_8069

The fabulous bat on top of the weathervane…

IMG_8075 IMG_8080 IMG_8079IMG_8082 IMG_8083IMG_8081

Don’t know the significance of the rope and the rubber lizard…


Oh, that is not an unknown tourist…it is my partner in crime! Always patient (probably checking his map app to see where we will walk next). During the entire trip he only let this sentence cross his lips once: “You know, you don’t have to take a picture of everything…” My response (with left hand on hip, right hand waving its index finger, and an uplifted trill on the last word): “Oh, yes, I do…”

IMG_8089 IMG_8092

Gaudí and Güell forever linked…

Casa Mead


That’s not in Barcelona, hah! It is my newly rebuilt porch railing that should be wrought iron and my nondescript, dare I say ugly, chimney that is in need of some Gaudí treatment. At my age, however, it is seriously in doubt that I will squat on my roof sticking shards of tile to the chimney’s surface, especially since I have given up ladders. What to do, what to do…it definitely needs improvement, and now that I have seen what a chimney can really be…something must be done! Maybe if I just added a bat…

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Roofs, chimneys, pinnacles, and spires…(part two)

For those who might travel to Barcelona…I mentioned that you can purchase your tickets for the big sites online. For Park Güell, I learned something after I got home (from someone else’s blog). It seems that they had gone without tickets and faced a two-hour line in the hot sun in order to get in. One of the guards told them that if they came back the next day they could get in for free between the hours of 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. They did that, and there were no other people around. Great pictures without tourists, unlike mine! oh, well…Park Güell was still fabulous. I love trencadís!.

Park Güell

IMG_8004IMG_8005 IMG_8020IMG_8019IMG_8007IMG_8011IMG_8012IMG_8021IMG_8024IMG_8015 IMG_8018 IMG_8025

Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

Casa Milà is the building with no straight lines and roof vents and chimneys that look like they are out of a sci-fi thriller. Imagine this without the chain link, as it was originally…

IMG_8043 IMG_8044IMG_8042 IMG_8041 IMG_8040 IMG_8038 IMG_8031 IMG_8028 IMG_8026 IMG_8048 IMG_8052 IMG_8050 IMG_8049

Gaudí framed his own Sagrada Familia through a parabolic arch (one of his favorite architectural devices)…

IMG_8047IMG_8053 IMG_8058 IMG_8055IMG_8063 IMG_8062 IMG_8060

Yes, there are more roofs in the future…watch this space, again…

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A positive…

A positive thing that came out of standing in a line to get into Casa Batlló was that it meant that there was time to read all the brochures available about the structure. Wouldn’t you know they are having a photography contest where if you tag your photos on Instagram you have a chance of winning a digital Fuji film camera. What could I lose?  So here are my entries and a few others…


Gaudí did not like straight lines and used nature as his starting point…

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Paris Metro, deux…


Every station seemed to have an interesting angle, texture, or color to photograph…and I tried to catch them all…


Sevres Babylone Line 10 (notice the tile patterns)






Champs-Élysées-Clemenceau (square tiles instead of subway and azulejos by Manuel Cargaleiro from Lisbon)

Franklin D. Roosevelt station (black tiles and metallic light fixtures)




Madeleine exit line 14 (Ryaba La Poule/Ryaba the chicken, notice the brass egg. Glass mosaic homage to Russian culture by Ivan Loubennikova)
Sometimes we were even entranced by the floors

This trail saved us from getting lost in a very complicated hub station…
Very quickly I found two “favorite” stations both based on letter forms







Cluny-La Sorbonne line 10 (Latin Quarter personalities, only one woman?) mosaics by Jean Bazaine
Tied for favorite status early-on…



Concorde line 12 where if you can find the starting point you can read the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen”. One blue letter in the center of a square tile. You might end up with some run-on sentences, however, because all the punctuation is down at the bottom.

I was willing to let it rest there with my awards given out by the second day, but then later in the stay we went through a station that I knew I had to come back special to see. If you know me in reality and you have been to my house, you know that I have been known to cover tables and counters with sheet copper. Part of my counter:

There, through the doors of the train, was a station clad in copper. (I do emphasize verdigris on mine, but some heavy industrial coating was keeping this from altering.) ❤❤instant!







Porthole display windows…Jules Verne you live…
If I was shepherding a Junior High School art class through here, these are where we would go, spending some time with our sketchbooks in each station, observing the art and then we would return to our art studio to explore a project in each medium. Clay, glass, typography, and copper… cannot get any better than that. Oh…can you hear my hubsom, travel guide, and translator muttering under his breath…”Non, we will have no rooms glad in copper…don’t even think about it…” hmmmm…