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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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iPhone Friday on the road…

We left home at 9:02 this morning (pretty good for us—our goal was 9:00) to head toward Ashland, Oregon to the North. I do not think that in my whole life I have taken the inland passage to Oregon up Highway 5. My memory is of always going up 101 through Crescent City (always famous for the effects the earthquake tsunamis had on it.) So the scenery was new and by the time we arrived at Shasta Lake I kept muttering, “wow…”

The ClassicPan app caught it from a rest stop.

The only uncomfortable thing about the drive was that it was Friday and there were lots of transport trucks on the road.

Hipstamatic app caught the traffic but we kept ahead of the rain blowing into the San Francisco region and saw some snow topped mountains.

I think this was the native camera with no apps from the front seat of the car.

We stopped for afternoon coffee in Dunsmuir, an historic town with a great theater (no longer open). Native camera with Iris Photo Suite cropping and vignetting.

Although I didn’t drink the water I think this refers to the quality of the fishing since they also had this painted wall and a fly shop.

Iris Photo Suite again.

We walked all around Ashland before dinner and found another movie theater.

It was a Friday evening art walk in a very vibrant downtown.


and copper people:

If you have ever been in my house you would understand how excited I was to see copper people. I’ve put copper on counters, walls, lightfixtures—anywhere I can crinkle it and patina it.

To top it off, there were many historic buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

An Episcopal Church.

A library.

And best of all, the Peerless Hotel and Restaurant.

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iPhone Photo Friday…

Dedicated to the Colors of the Monkeyflower

I have mentioned before in this blog my talented niece, Katura Reynolds, who is a scientific illustrator. She recently designed a poster for a festival at the arboretum where she works. This poster featured a Monkeyflower and in her own blog she showed how she used layers in Photoshop to create her layout. Her sketch-blog even has a slide show, so check it out here.

Our garden library of personal monkeyflowers increased this year because of visits to Annie’s Annuals and the Yerba Buena Nursery. All except one have opened their blossoms, so today’s post will share the beauty and variety of the monkey flower (Mimulus aurantiacus) and then when the last one blooms, it will get its own post. These photos were all taken with an iPhone 4’s native camera and then processed with these apps in the order listed: Iris app (crop and vignette), Perfect Photo app (sharpen), and Photo Wizard app (frame).

From California Native Plants for the Garden by Carol Bornstein, David Fross, and Bart O’Brien: “With their large showy flowers and preference for partial shade, shrubby monkeyflowers are often mistaken for azaleas. They exhibit an astonishing range of flower colors, including pure reds, yellows, oranges, apricots, whites, creams and even pinks and purples….If you are looking for a reason for the common name, monkeyflower, look no further—there isn’t any.”

Mimulus aurantiacus the Monkeyflower



Scarlet (mixed with some Black Sage (Salvia Mellifera)

The scarlet from the side

White (I am not one to really understand botany, but the book lumps them all together under aurantiacus, however,  this white one had a tag that labeled it Mimulus bifidus and in the book this is described as azalea-flowered that are the largest flowers of the species.)



Jelly Bean Purple Pink

A plant planted this year

A plant that has been in the garden for three years

When the blossoms on the last plant  (“carnivale”) open, I will share pictures. I just can’t seem to get enough of the monkeyflower.

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iPhone Photo Friday…

I know, I know, it is Saturday, but I have an excuse. My daughter took me out to lunch yesterday for a belated Mother’s Day and I spent a couple of hours on the road to get to where she lives and back home again. Also, my iPad arrived from China, so I just had to play for awhile!

Today, even though it is Saturday, I will explain this montage of photos.

I started with backgrounds.

This started as a watercolor painting with a print from a leaf on top. After it was photographed with the iPhone native camera it was processed using Pic Grunger. Another image (of the skin of a snake at the Academy of Sciences) was processed and had some of its colors changed.

This image of a wall at the Academy of Sciences was layered using Blender app and the snake skin colors started to change.

I layered the snake skin layer with the water color layer using Blender app.

At this point I put it into Impression app for the numbers.

I had also taken a photo of a fish at the Academy of Sciences in one of their aquariums.

I switched to Juxtaposer app so that I could control the images separately. The fish was the top image and I erased some of the image and then rotated it to where I wanted it on the bottom image.

I put this back into Impression app so that I could place the word water and then a second time so that I could put my name in the corner..

The last step was to put a frame on it using the Photo Studio app.


iPhone Photo Friday…

Usually on a Friday, I process my iPhone photos with my current favorite apps, but this week my focus has been on my California native plant garden because it has been bursting forth into glory. I tried processing the photos I took with the camera in my iPhone with lots of different apps, but they could not compete with  the actual flowers in the garden. If you want apps, you will have to look in my other Friday posts. Today, I simplified and I am just using  the iPhone photos without processing except with a little cropping using Crop Suey. This has been the week of the Douglas Iris. It won’t last very long, but while it does it makes my spirit soar.

Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris

Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris (Iris PCH ‘Strybing Yellow’)

Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana ‘Canyon Snow’)

Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana white form)

Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana)

Dwarf PCH Iris (‘Native Warrior’)

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iPhone Photo Friday…

This image started from a painted piece of watercolor paper that I took a picture of with my iPhone. I combined that with a picture of a butterfly from an exhibit at the Academy of Sciences using Blender app to create this background layer.

Last week my first sterling silver rose bloomed in my garden. I put the image I took of it into the Artistaoil app. I also put the original image into Toon Paint to create a line drawing of it.

I combined the two versions of the rose in Blender app so that there would be more definition around the edges of the bud. The resulting rose and the background with the butterfly were combined in Blender app. The image was put in Pic Grunger app for some texture (newsprint) and then two different times into Impression app for the word rose and then my name.  A rose by any other name…

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iPhone Photo Friday…

A lovely, sunshiny, gardeny kind of day so had to play with iPhone apps on pictures from the garden…

Lewisia cotyledon

Iris app, Juxtaposer app, Pic Grunger app, Impression app

California Poppy

Artista oil app, Juxtaposer app,  Pic Grunger app, Impression app

Chalk Dudleya

Artista oil app, Picfx app, Juxtaposer app, Pic Grunger app, Impression app

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iPhone Photo Friday…

The cherry hit its glory yesterday and today with a wind picking up it has started to blow pink petal snow everywhere. The cherry blooms never last long enough in my opinion, but it is consistent each year with its abundance and beauty.

This week I had fun capturing the first blooms in the garden with my iPhone and then processing with PicGrunger app (new update) and Blender app for layering with backgrounds I created.

This lilac is not really part of our native plant garden. It is in the front, under an oak and constricted by junipers. Each year it sends up one or two blossoms which I enjoy smelling and sometimes I cut them to bring inside. They are not abundant so if I cut them there is not much left.

Here are the natives:

Apps for this week: Diptic, Blender, Pic Grunger and Impression.

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iPhone Photo Friday…

Visited the Legion of Honor yesterday on a day you would have thought was summer. It was a Classic Pan type of day, because of the clear skies and wide/long view.

Luckily, we had a long walk up to the museum and we were treated to a fantastic view along the way. (A side of the Golden Gate I had never seen.)

The tip of land with trees on top across the Bay is known as Hawk Hill. It is where Terry has gone for years on Thursdays during the migration season of raptors south. I would always give him such sympathy because he would have to leave so early, be gone so long, sit on a short stool in a blind trying to lure the raptors down for banding (not comfortable for old bones and joints). But no longer. It turns out all these years he was going to the most beautiful place in the world. How hard can that be? On another raptor note: the eggs being incubated on top of the PGE building in San Francisco are getting ready to hatch. You can watch it all unfold here.

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iPhone Photo Friday…

Photos taken with the native camera of the iPhone and then cropped. Perfect Photo app was used to heighten some colors. Then into PicGrunger. Finally they were put in Dynamiclight app.

Hummingbird sage (Salvia spathacea) and the cherry tree again (because I can stand on the porch to take the pictures as it continues to rain and rain…)


iPhone Photo Friday…

We took a  trip to Woodside this week. I took these shots with ProHDR and then cropped them in Crop Suey. They were put in Photo Studio and processed with Saturation (61), Rainbow Palatte 2 (104), Hot Yellow (153), CrossPro 1 (169), Vignette 1 (157), Photo Border 1 (170), and Photo Border 4 (173). I was looking for some old buildings with interesting textures and I think I found them.

The following pictures series is the original Pro HDR, through the Photo Studio layers, and then into a new app, for me, PhotoArtista Oil.