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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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An impression of Lands End…

When we arrived for the bird walk last week, it was frigid weather and I opted to sit in the car for the first twenty minutes while the birders stood on the bluff with the cold wind whirling around them.They were oriented to the area by their guide. The hardy gazed off into the distant foggy sea while I decided to clean up my camera roll in my iPhone. That put me in mind that I had not looked at the Hipstamatic app for a long time and when I scrolled through I found there were four combo packs I had not downloaded.  I purchased them and then tested each one out. One combo reminded me of the feeling of the area (the visitor center that we had been in on a previous visit contains lots of old photos of  when the Sutro Baths were in their heyday).  I decided to do some triple barreled shooting on the walk. My Canon for the view shots, my native camera on the iPhone for the close-ups of flowers, and Hipstamatic app for atmosphere/flights of fancy. The Canon was slung around my neck and the iPhone was in my pocket and I had to keep thinking which of the three I wanted to use…but I think it helped with getting me to be alert…it was awfully early on a Saturday, after all. This post is the impression shots of the area using the combination of  Yoona lens and Shilshole film in Hipstamatic…there is a story, here, of craggy bluffs, wind-trained trees, and crashing waves with the foundation remnants of history. That is my visual story, and I am sticking to it…think I will make a book…

IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1285 IMG_1229 IMG_1236 IMG_1254 IMG_1276 IMG_1283 IMG_1289 IMG_1299


Heart day…

Husband gave me a four-pack…chocolate hearts, just like Paris…from an artisanal chocolatier in San Francisco… happened to be cleaning out the side board so placed the chocolates on old-timely hand painted plates with lots of flowers…played with iPhone apps…cinnamon hazelnut praline, caramel with passion fruit, caramel with strawberry, and caramel with lavender…Happy Valentines Day!









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Point Reyes Day Trip…

A beautiful day after the rains last week pulled us toward Point Reyes. First a late breakfast at the Pine Cone Diner in Point Reyes Station.




We decided to go to the south end through Bolinas but had a few false turns because Bolinas does not want anyone to know where they are so they won’t put up jsigns. Found the right track and went to the bird observatory.


We walked their nature trail



Along the trail we found California wild flowers

Monkey flower




Douglas Iris


Osoberry that I was able to identify all on my own because I have taken so many pictures of the one in my backyard.
Some that I did not know…



A spider web tree that we named ourselves

but not many birds…

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And eating

And walking

All over this city






Sights totally amazing and I haven’t been picked off by a small car, a roaring scooter, or the bicyclist talking on his cell phone! Day 2: ankles, knees, and hips are feeling the cobblestone thing a tiny bit, but onward we move! Can’t miss anything…


This place…

What do you do if you have been on a plane with no lunch and then you get settled in to your apartment and you realize the pangs in your stomach are too intense to be denied? If you are in this place, and you are Lois and Terry, you go out searching for your first gelato. In places that look like this


Until you find this

And you eat this (flavors: tiramisu and amaretto)

On a bench in a small plaza with this behind you

And then you wander back home getting used to cobblestones under your feet, passing by one of the paper stores on “the list” (quick look, quick look), and then you come to a corner where you get your first glimpse of this

Speechless with awe…


Freesia Break…

It is such a good thing that there is a Trader Joe’s to run to in order to quickly pick up a spot of color for the table when you have guests. After the blooms grace the table for the event, they can do second duty as photo subject. A nice way to test composition and color combinations.

Hipstamatic app, Fusioncam app, Blender app




The rest are taken with the native camera of the iPhone and processed with Snapseed app on the iPad.

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Instagram Break…

Hadn’t posted on Instagram today, so I took a break to go back in my files and I decided to use this shot I took from the passenger seat of the car some where North of here. Between here and the Canadian border.

It was shot with Hipstamatic originally, but I used Dynamic light and Snapseed tonight. I could see the ponds next to the side of the road and was going for the reflection.

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I am pausing in the travels briefly. After the first few days it became obvious that the blog was not going to be in real time but some type of virtual experience of the trip. We arrived home but the blog has not gotten out of Seattle yet. Now, here I pause for a diversion, oh, maybe in the virtual we will never get home. I think that may be a great way to take a real trip.
I have always had a fondness for the Seattle Space Needle because when I was in the seventh or eighth grade my family went to the Seattle World’s Fair and I have an iconic picture floating around here somewhere of me on the observation deck of the needle.
Can’t find it at the moment, but it was a great diversion on the trip to try to get a picture of the Space Needle. I never quite knew when it was going to emerge, but I ended up with many opportunities for shots, from the car and not. Here the shots are all grouped in one post.
This shot was on the way up to Canada when we were just driving through Seattle. The top of the Space Needle is just barely peaking out between two buildings that dwarf it.

When we arrived back in the area and made our way to the Seattle Art Museum from Port Townsend there was more opportunity.

Those are both from the freeway, but then we were on city streets the next day with Pat and I got some interesting angles.




From the sculpture garden




One last one from the freeway as we left the area the next day.

The iPhone continues to amaze me in the way it can capture shots from a moving car. One last one, that isn’t a space needle but is a brewery-what more can you ask for…

Square photos are using the Hipstamatic app with these combos of lens and film: John S lens and Kodot XGrizzled film; John S lens and Big Up film; Watts lens and Big Up film.
Photos in rectangular shape are taken with the native camera if the iPhone and cropped with Iris Photo Suite if needed.
The Space Needle is special…

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iPhone Photo Friday…

It is Saturday but I did take these shots on Friday. Pressures of the season makes me just a little behind on everything. I am still on the theme of trees because of the workshop I am taking (Los Arboles) and this week my talented and oh-so-creative niece, Katura Reynolds, had an entry in her sketch blog about trees from an illustrators point of view. I love to be at family reunions when Katura is there and she pulls out her portable water-color set and paper pad to catch the color of the dusk on the hills. She is cool to be around. I hope you will look at her blog because the next entry after the trees is how to draw rain and it is a nice discussion from a highly gifted scientific illustrator and creative brain.

My iPhone photos are of my morning walk immediately after a rain on Friday. My neighborhood on a gloomy, dark morning with the Hipstamatic app adding a little extra color. The Hipstamatic app does cheer me up…

Gutter Leaves

All taken with the Hipstamatic app except the last that was also processed in the Plastic Bullet app.