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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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In the canyon…

Saturday morning we were drawn to the area around the PGE building in San Francisco in hopes of peregrine falcon sightings. To be honest, if we had seen some aerial acrobatics, neither the iphone or our Canon would have caught them on camera, but we went over to the city with happy hearts because the fledglings seem to be doing so much better this year than they did last. On Saturday, only one was left to fledge (she finally did it Monday evening about 6:45. Here is the You Tube. It is about five minutes into the clip) and one had been returned to the nest box because she had landed on the ground. All we really saw was the tips of wings flapping on the thirty-third floor ledge and one parent perched at about the same level on a building a few blocks down. Just a dot even with the binocs. There I was looking up, and my interest quickly turned to the geometric shapes of the buildings, and the iphone came out of my pocket.

The canyon:

We walked around blocks looking for where the juvies might be perched. The parents will still be making sure they are fed over the next few weeks. So Terry kept his eye open for falcons and, typically, I started looking for art.

I liked this triangular-shaped building and the reflections of clouds in the buildings around it.

As we kept walking around blocks, we passed the Rincon Building. It is one of my favorite buildings in San Francisco. Historic preservation/adaptive reuse at its finest. We haven’t been to Yank Sing for dim sum in ten years, but at one time it was one of our favorite places to go with our kids for special occasions. It is an old post office building with the original WPA murals (frescos) depicting California history. Attached, now, is commercial space with many restaurants. The frescos:



Intercontinental railroad

And as we walked out the other side of the building, I found a mosaic in the shape of a spire.

I can prove that I was successful in finding art,

Store window

and leaving my heart…

(Chicago has its cows, New Mexico its ponies, and S.F. its hearts…) All the walking made us hungry just as we got near to the Ferry Building and the farmer’s market. This called for a break.

Ferry Building Plaza

Ferry Building

The place was packed. Long lines for Blue Bottle Coffee and restrooms. Could hardly see the wares at Heath Ceramics and The Gardener, so we grabbed a quick take out at Out The Door (the fast grab for The Slanted Door, a restaurant well worth the trip if you are ever in S.F.) We found a bench on the outside of the building and shared our cartons (chicken salad and pork buns/ arguably the best ever) with this as our view, looking toward Oakland.

It can’t get much better than that…

On his way to work Monday morning, Terry got off BART a couple of stops early to walk through the canyon again. From his email to me:

“I stopped by the PG&E building and saw the juvenile males on the roof of the PG&E building and two adults flying near the building. I did not connect with any fledge watchers but did talk to a guy who works in the building across the street from the PG&E building. He told me a story about going out on the roof of that building and standing within a few feet of one of the adult peregrines before beating a hasty retreat.” Peregrine watch is fun, and might be better than Facebook for social interaction, eh, eh…