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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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Pattern, Color, Printing…

Pattern          Color          Printing

While in Provence, we went to the factory where Les Olivades fabrics are printed. These are the iconic “Pierre Deux” fabrics characteristic of Provence. I was excited to see the silk-screen process. (You may remember that when I entered my first Duomo in Italy I decided my goal was to become the intern sitting on the floor cleaning ancient mosaics with a tooth-brush; when I marbled paper in a paper store in Florence I wanted to hire on to be their “marbler”; and Paris made me think I could get hired to paint walls the colors that the Musee D’Orsay has chosen.) Now that I have returned from Provence I want to follow in the steps of the many Cheesemen I saw in the marches (my friend Lisa and I have signed up for a cheese making class in August) and I keep wondering why I spent so many years in that classroom when I could have been learning how to be a master-printer at Les Olivades? The process is very similar to EZScreen printing which I love because its cleanup is with water. Here is my iMovie of the process: (You can make it full screen by clicking the square to the left of the word Vimeo.)

pillowThe pillow I bought at the factory store. (Any one else have a husband that hates pillows on the couch? geez, I felt like I was bringing back contraband!)

patternsPatterns for a class with guru Mary Ann Moss here and an inkjet transparency of a photo I took of the clock at the Musee D’Orsay ready to be made into a silk screen. Fun is happening here!

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Worktable Wednesday…

Travel Journal

Thanks to this I have been making travel journals. I finished this one using scraps and things  just lying around. Lots of thread! All sewn by machine except for the buttons and signatures. Some pages are different papers sewn together to make the correct size of a page. Some pages are photographs printed page size (8 1/2 x 11) and folded. All the pages have things sewn on them including pockets, tags, and areas to write.

cover flap

inside front cover with antique pieced quilt block

first page

places for notes

security envelope pocket

pockets for pictures

photographs as background

wide variety of security envelope patterns and they come free in the mail!

lots of leftover, unused pieces of paper found a new home

inside back cover

back cover

This journal is ready to have photos, ephemera, and words stuffed in it recording journeys and places. Visit the blog of Mary Ann Moss. She goes places and takes a travel journal with her.


A Rivulet Runs Through It…

I debated over the title of this post. Should it be movie/popular culture, or allusion to Andy Goldsworthy’s Rivers and Tides as in “Rivulets and Tides”? Decided for Brad Pitt, to keep the fantasy alive. But, I diverge in a snowy wood.

A group of pictures from our Yosemite trip struck me as an easy group to push a little farther. They were not meant to be a scenic record of the trip itself (the easily identifiable shots of the views that tourists go to Yosemite for anyway) but they were shots that were personally interesting at the time and I realized after I started taking them from the bus window we were riding in (easier to take public transit in the park than warm up your own car) that every one of them had streams of frozen water down the bus window I was shooting through. I kept taking pictures thinking I would crop the rivulets out, but when I put them all into Photoshop yesterday, I felt it would be a nice exercise to play with light and reflection to see what happened. I hoped to turn them into an impression of the trip rather than a record of the trip. I like the exercise of not having a pre-conceived notion of how pictures should turn out and these seemed like a group revolving around a theme and ripe for exploitation. I also ended up using a filter in Photoshop called poster edges. It reminds me of old postcards that were hand tinted and since I was feeling the historical nature of the environment, I thought why not? You wll probably need to click on the pictures in order to see a larger view and be able to notice the effect.

This one kept getting cropped closer and closer and then became a fabric design

The rivulet made almost a calligraphic effect down the side.

A tree through the ice…Willows in the middle of a meadow…

A nice split rail fence…

Fern Spring

A more classic shot…

Reflections and light in the forest…

I put this photo in my original post about Yosemite, but here the light has been punched up and the rivulet takes on a larger role.

This image got liquified and will probably get turned into Spoonflower fabric…

When I got finished, I realized that I liked them so much I really should add them to a hand-made journal. That is their next stop.