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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


A Giant flower…

I tried to go to the Giants’ parade in San Francisco today. I thought I would have the perfect vantage point since Terry has an office on the second floor of a building overlooking the Civic Center Plaza where all the celebration would take place. As it turned out, there was absolutely no parking in the BART lots so I just dropped him off at the station. I don’t think he actually made it to his office, getting caught in front of the Asian Art Museum and being not able to move. I am watching the celebration on t.v., which is probably just as good although the excitement in this part of California is too cool and it would have been fun to experience history first hand.

So here is a Giant flower for celebration.

A collage made with DXP app on an iPhone, layering these two photos:

We’re the Giants, We’re San Francisco, We’re the World Champions. (As said by Mike Krukow, Giants announcer.)

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iPhone Photo Friday…

I was sharing one of my favorite photos on my camera roll with a friend and my thought was to experiment with how it would react to embossing similar to what had happened to the image I used in my last post. It is a ClassicPan app image so its scale is much different from the succulent image.

The image went into PhotoWizard. Using “Emboss” under Fx effects it took on this effect:

The saved version of this went back into PhotoWizard where it had a few filters applied including “color temperature”. You are allowed to slide on the screen for intensity of the effect. It looked like this:

These layers were combined in the DXP app which blended them together:

The last app was PicGrunger, where I added weathered effect and a border.

Don’t know if I am done, but I did stop. (Give me some clay, that would make a nice tile…)


Autumn garden promise…


Garden sculpture of color and shape

Unfolding layers surviving the draught

Fleshy monster/juicy tissue

Now for winter


Taken with an iPhone, post processed with PhotoWizard, DXP, and PicGrunger

This year will be different—more success at overwintering my succulents!

I just found out that Lisa at The White Cotton Tee is hosting a Creative Exchange.  My image above came out of my finding a mini tutorial yesterday at DJ Petit’s blog about using Photoshop to create a particular technique. My immediate response was “Can I do that completely on my iPhone?” This image is the result…


iPhone Abstract…


This collage was made on an iPhone using the DXP app (the Difference composite effect was the initial blending mode). PicGrunger app was the last effect applied.

These were the layers:

A mural beside the freeway. (Traffic was inching along so the car had no speed.)

And this view of construction next to the State Building (near S.F. City Hall) in San Francisco. This original shot had the Helga filter from the CameraBag app applied to it a few times before it was layered:

Both of these images were taken from the passenger seat of a car as it was driving. Is that the true definition of mobile photography, or what?

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I am going to try to explain how the shots in this image were layered together. Usually the process of creating an image like this just sweeps me along and I cannot pause for the notes. My mind races with “Can I do this?” What happens if..? The wonderful part about the iPhone and digital photography is the easy to try, easy to eliminate syndrome. I like FotoMuse app a great deal, but it has pre-set layers and when I found the DXP (Double Exposure) allowed me to superimpose everything that was my own image, I gravitated toward it.

The main image in the layers above was taken with the Hipstamatic app and started like this:

I like to use this image to sign my finished photos but found that it needed to start out as the bottom image rather than the last thing I put on like in a painting.

It is just a blank piece of inkjet printer paper where I signed my name with an ink pen. It was laying on my dining room table in a room that does not get much natural light and the iPhone I was using didn’t have a flash. So after a few false starts, I put the image into PSMobile to lighten it as much as I could without losing the ink line. (Also, I have put images into TiltShiftGenerator to blur from the center and lighten as much as I can.

I also took a shot of some hand-lettered script from a graduation certificate for my Great Aunt Ethel. She graduated from University of Rochester in 19o8. The original image had the bold word that kept ending up in unfortunate places. So it went from this:

To this:

When I realized that I was using the two images together often, I made a new image in DXP. I only have to grab it once if I want to use it.

This is what goes as the first layer in DXP. The image of the vases goes next. The composite effect in DXP is HalfMix.

I could stop there or put this image into PicGrunger and apply the creased effect.

Another one done in much the same way:

With this shot of a lightened photo of one of my texture paintings.

This one went through the LoMob app also. The script here came from an iPhone photo I took of linen fabric with writing on it. I didn’t take very good notes because I get lost in the process (I like to justify that I am keeping my retired brain active!) When it works it is an Eureka! moment. When it doesn’t work, it becomes a quest until I can get something I like. Definitely, this is not boring…