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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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iPhone Friday on the road…

We left home at 9:02 this morning (pretty good for us—our goal was 9:00) to head toward Ashland, Oregon to the North. I do not think that in my whole life I have taken the inland passage to Oregon up Highway 5. My memory is of always going up 101 through Crescent City (always famous for the effects the earthquake tsunamis had on it.) So the scenery was new and by the time we arrived at Shasta Lake I kept muttering, “wow…”

The ClassicPan app caught it from a rest stop.

The only uncomfortable thing about the drive was that it was Friday and there were lots of transport trucks on the road.

Hipstamatic app caught the traffic but we kept ahead of the rain blowing into the San Francisco region and saw some snow topped mountains.

I think this was the native camera with no apps from the front seat of the car.

We stopped for afternoon coffee in Dunsmuir, an historic town with a great theater (no longer open). Native camera with Iris Photo Suite cropping and vignetting.

Although I didn’t drink the water I think this refers to the quality of the fishing since they also had this painted wall and a fly shop.

Iris Photo Suite again.

We walked all around Ashland before dinner and found another movie theater.

It was a Friday evening art walk in a very vibrant downtown.


and copper people:

If you have ever been in my house you would understand how excited I was to see copper people. I’ve put copper on counters, walls, lightfixtures—anywhere I can crinkle it and patina it.

To top it off, there were many historic buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

An Episcopal Church.

A library.

And best of all, the Peerless Hotel and Restaurant.

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iPhone Photo Friday…

Visited the Legion of Honor yesterday on a day you would have thought was summer. It was a Classic Pan type of day, because of the clear skies and wide/long view.

Luckily, we had a long walk up to the museum and we were treated to a fantastic view along the way. (A side of the Golden Gate I had never seen.)

The tip of land with trees on top across the Bay is known as Hawk Hill. It is where Terry has gone for years on Thursdays during the migration season of raptors south. I would always give him such sympathy because he would have to leave so early, be gone so long, sit on a short stool in a blind trying to lure the raptors down for banding (not comfortable for old bones and joints). But no longer. It turns out all these years he was going to the most beautiful place in the world. How hard can that be? On another raptor note: the eggs being incubated on top of the PGE building in San Francisco are getting ready to hatch. You can watch it all unfold here.


iPhone Photo Friday…

The iPhone’s native camera-no apps

Academy of Sciences, 2/8/11

From the aquarium…

To the rainforest and butterflies…

(Which is the snake?)

And then to the penquins…

and up to the living roof covered with California native plants…

and I could not resist bringing out the Classic Pan app for the view sans fog…

While we were up on the roof there was a show by some redtails-in-love (which is what it is called at this time of year). Gotta love it…great day trip!

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iPhone Photo Friday…

Blooming Garden

When we planted our California native-plant garden four years ago, we included in our plants Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’ (Coast Silk Tassel) and have each year muttered “where are the tassels, where are the tassels?” None to be seen, until we noticed our first one this week.

Absolutely worth waiting for and now we switch into the mode of “how many more next year?”

Taken with an iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic app and Classic Pan app.


iPhone Photo Friday…


Backgroundz app allows a choice between maintaining the aspect ratio of your images or not when they are combined. An image taken with ClassicPan app which gives a long thin dimension layered with a square from Hipstamatic can come out with a very interesting configuration to the layers. And it maintains the resolution size.

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iPhone Photo Friday…

iPhone goes to the Getty…

What would a reunion/visit be without a day at an available art museum? What better than the Getty? What better than a beautiful day with old friends? What better than a beautiful day with old friends and an iPhone?

Rebar as arbor on a grand scale.

I tended toward ClassicPan (because of the incredible vistas I was seeing) and Hipstamatic (it was L. A. where the hippest of hip reside, after all) for my apps. However, while I was there I purchased Plastic Bullet app and had a little time to experiment with it. It looks very cool.

This leaf on a stone step:

became these:

Plastic Bullet is a random app (it applies its filters serendipitously) but, some days, that is just what the doctor ordered!

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iPhone Photo Friday…

I was sharing one of my favorite photos on my camera roll with a friend and my thought was to experiment with how it would react to embossing similar to what had happened to the image I used in my last post. It is a ClassicPan app image so its scale is much different from the succulent image.

The image went into PhotoWizard. Using “Emboss” under Fx effects it took on this effect:

The saved version of this went back into PhotoWizard where it had a few filters applied including “color temperature”. You are allowed to slide on the screen for intensity of the effect. It looked like this:

These layers were combined in the DXP app which blended them together:

The last app was PicGrunger, where I added weathered effect and a border.

Don’t know if I am done, but I did stop. (Give me some clay, that would make a nice tile…)

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iPhone Photo Friday…

Last night I dreamed I was a dinosaur…

Wednesday night was off to S.F. to meet Terry for dinner at Soluna on McAllister between the Asian Art Museum and his office in the State Building.

ProHDR app

Topped with fried apple pie for a shared dessert.

Native camera with flash

A stroll across the civic center plaza with Terry guiding me to the place where all the tourists stand.

Classic Pan app with the camera held two different ways

To Herbst Theater where I could not resist a surreptitious shot of the ceiling.

Native camera, Infinicam app

We were there for a conversation between Maira Kalman and Lemony Snicket. We had recently seen Kalman’s show and Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) was the best crowd control mechanism I ever used with my sixth grade classes. I put volumes of his “Series of Unfortunate Events” on my classroom tape recorder and my students would control their own talking during work time. His stories were spellbinding and his wordplay was hilarious even for me (hearing them over and over during the years). Kalman and Snicket  have collaborated on a children’s book called “Thirteen Words”.  His words, her paintings. He feels children should be introduced to words like despondent and mezzo-soprano because really, how many times will they actually see a zebra. (Here is a trailer for the book where you can find out the rest of the words.) She says she is totally lacking in imagination and only paints what she sees in front of her. Both of them look at life from an incredibly humorous and quirky angle and we laughed and laughed during their conversation. Danial Handler said that if he was at a party and he walked outside and greeted a kid who said, “Last night I dreamed I was a dinosaur.” He would stay and talk to the kid rather than go back inside to talk with the adults where the conversation was about mortgages and traffic. Of course the evening ended with a song by a mezzo-soprano. (Maira Kalman collaborated on an opera about her book “The Elements of Style”.

We traveled home still chuckling and planning to do this again soon (who but someone who would include a photo of fried apple pie in this post would want to hear Ruth Reichl and Mark Bittman in conversation in a couple of weeks? Ah, the foodie within…)

What else could I do on the way home but experiment with what the lights would do in the Caldecott Tunnel.

Hipstamatic and BestCamera apps

Time for a cup of tea and fight with Cliff over who gets the “New Yorker” magazine that came yesterday. The cover is by David Hockney created on an iPad with the Brushes app. IF I had an iPad, I would be able to see an animated version of the cover…

Infinicam app



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iPhone photo Friday…


I went to the Sierra Nevada Mountains a few weeks ago, without the iPhone where I had just installed the ClassicPan app. GASP. When I got home I tried the app on some downtown buildings in San Francisco, but I really didn’t hit my stride until last weekend when I visited the scenic Central Coast of California. Oh, and I also bought my own iPhone4 so that, unless I lose it, I will never be unarmed again. These images are all taken with ClassicPan in Morro Bay. The landmark in the bay is Morro Rock at the entrance to the harbor. It is the plug of an extinct volcano and eight others stretch inland. Morro Rock is a preserve with no human access because peregrine falcons nest on it (two pairs this year with six fledglings.) One of the smaller plugs is located in the Morro Bay State Park and is called Black Hill. You can walk to the top and have a 360° view of the whole area and as I anticipated the trip I thought, perfect, I am going to walk it. I did walk it, but I was thwarted in my view. The pictures are interesting and, of course, I must return to get that ultimate panoramic view on a clear day. We had a perfect demonstration of why most of the inhabitants of the Central Valley of California come to the Central Coast in the summer. Hot versus cold. Scorching versus chilly. When we cut over from Paso Robles it was 106° and fifteen minutes later at Highway 1 it was mid seventies. It was, as they say, socked in with fog, but a few times during our stay things did clear briefly. So, a panoramic view of California’s coast, some with a softness to them due to the fog.

The vivid film filter makes the day look brighter

The harbor entrance close to dusk

Moon light and harbor light

Vintage film filter

Vintage film filter

Vivid film filter

Vintage film filter (nice border!)

The hike up Black Hill

The view at the top of Black Hill with everything else grey

Morro Rock

I do like the ClassicPan app a great deal, however, I had some trouble when I was in the glare outside. I could not really see what was in the viewfinder and mostly guessed that I had pointed in the right direction and that I could see light, negative space above the outline of the rock so I did not cut off the top of it, and I could not read what filter I had selected. Even though the indicator has a different color for each filter the glare made it impossible for me to tell, or even see, where it was on the screen. I will memorize which order they come in before the next time I use the app. I am totally in love with what it does to a landscape, however.