Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


Sea Ranch

In a few weeks we will be going on a trip where I will not have access to WiFi except when I can find a cafe. I am wondering how many pictures one cup of coffee will allow me to upload. In thinking about how I could still blog I decided to try short video clips and stills in a simple movie form on my iPad. If the movie was made and then I only had to upload one item when I did find the cafe I might be able to blog anyway. We went away to a reunion with college friends last weekend and less than twenty-four hours later I am ready to post two movies. My only glitch was that movie clips from the last day will not load into the iPad. If I try any longer to figure out why, my goal of posting within the time limit will be gone. So you miss the stormy day with baby sea lions, sorry! The movie of our walks includes video clips and stills. We walked in the tree line and on the bluffs. In hedgerow and meadow. The second movie of the Sea Ranch Chapel is all stills. Designed by James Hubbell, it includes wood, copper, iron, stained glass, tile mosaic and embedded organic bits. It is an exquisite celebration of art and craft. Our friends Bill and Jan hosted us in their amazing house and former roommate Jenny came down from Canada and Kathy (Murph) came up from Atascadero. A wonderful time!