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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

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Charmed, I am sure…

Our last day in Florence was filled with a visit to Museo di San Marco to see Fra Angelico’s frescoes. Couldn’t take photos inside (a series of small cells for monks, each with its own fresco), but it was a beautiful experience. The outdoor courtyard was a beautiful place, too.



In process restoration of a fresco.





We visited a cafe afterward to await the time of our reservation at the Academia (tour books recommend making the reservations here and at the Uffizi before leaving home). Love the way they do shutters here.

And as we waited in line we enjoyed the roof lines…



First we saw an exhibit of sculptures by Lorenzo Bartolini. Some were marble and some were gesso which gave me a new appreciation for that material.
Like so much during our week in Florence, the Academia was overwhelming. As we walked into the entry corridor to the area where David stands, the corridor created a sight line to the tall statute under a domed skylight and my breath was taken away.
Pages from my travel journal since I couldn’t get shots inside.


I was thinking about David and my reaction to seeing it for the first time. At first I assumed it was so special because it is an iconic image in every history book. Then one night last week I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that there was something else. I dug down in my jewelry box and found that I still had the bracelet I had gotten in high school when my great aunt took a European vacation and brought me a silver charm from each place she visited. There was the half inch tall David. Back in the day, I am sure I wondered if I would ever see it in person. I’m thinking I should use the bracelet as a guide. Oh, look there is the Eiffel Tower…a Spanish flamenco player…a Venice gondola…a Dutch windmill…a Greek shoe…and my new Euro bracelet stamped with the Florentine lily. I move my arm and it makes music.