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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…




Today was Cliff’s last day. After a month of extreme decline it became the time. We got him when he was around eight and now he was seventeen and many of his parts just wore out. He was a fine old Maine Coon cat. Mouthy…he would stomp through a room complaining the entire time…like: why weren’t we doing what he wanted/demanded. Never a lap cat, he would appear on the couch next to me and head butt my side until I would stroke his head and when I stopped he would reach out his white paw and pull my forearm over until I scratched his chin. Mr. Cliff (he demanded respect) will be greatly missed, here, but we are eternally grateful for the humor he blessed us with all these years. He was fun, funny, and a good friend to all who lived and visited here.

Our dog, Katie was very hard to photograph because she was entirely black with only a slight bit of red where her eyelids sagged, but not Cliff. He was majestic with a big mane and quite fancy whiskers. He was lazy and sedentary by the time he came to live with us, so he was perfect to try out new iPhone apps on. He always held still for his close-up. Hence, he was the subject of lots and lots of photos. These are some of my favorites…


IMG_9890 IMG_8589IMG_8288IMG_8241IMG_6623IMG_6428

IMG_0544 (1)



Oh, yes, and he did this…


We are pretty sure that as soon as he ran across Katie again he whacked her across the nose. Oh, Cliffie, we will miss you…

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12 thoughts on “Cliff…

  1. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like Cliff had a good life with you. 👼🏼

  2. A beautiful face and a beautiful cat.
    “When cats are happy, people are happy and the Earth is happy.” ~Iwago
    I love this quote and it looks like Cliff was one happy cat.


  3. Having ‘lost’ my loyal and royal Siamese a few years ago, after making the same decision, my heart is with you. I have two new felines, regal and adorable now. But there will always be that special place for Sultan. Right beside my first cat as a child and the first one as an adult. I still see one of them out of the corner of my eye sometimes, take care.

  4. lovely tribute to a beautiful cat!
    your photos capture him and made me know and appreciate him.
    Life will be forever different without him.


  5. So sorry, Lois. Always so difficult to loose our best friends… Big hugs!

  6. Sympathies, Lois. Love the pic with Cliff on the Andirondak

    Blessings, M


  7. So sorry for your loss. I had a crossed over kitty come in my dream. Read our blog “Communicating Kitty,” love and light C.

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