Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…




There we were…hopping into the ’68 Datsun station wagon that had stood the test of miles, freshly married, dirt poor, (but no debt after law school…you could do that then), enthusiastic about what life held for us. In it together for forty-one years. Tonight we are off to a tapas dinner in San Francisco trying to recreate that lovely trip to Barcelona a few months ago. Onward and upward! (This morning we were awakened by a 4.0 earthquake! Just shows you how earth-shattering August 17 really is!!)

Here is how I made this image…

I walked through my garden to take these pictures…

flower3 flower1 flower4 rose1

Then I started to combine them all using the ImageBlender App…


Put the last one through Waterlogue App to get this…

Took an iPhone photo of an old wedding photo….


Gave it some touch ups (after all these years, the colors on all the wedding photos are really altering) and a frame in Snapseed App…


It was added on top of the flowers and angled by using ImageBlender…


A frame was added to the entire image in Snapseed and then text was laid on top with Over App. Fin

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12 thoughts on “41…

  1. What a sweet way to observe your day. We, Tal and I, hit 25 tomorrow. It’s a great time of year, isn’t it?

  2. Beautiful. Bride and groom and photo!!!

    Blessings, M


  3. Happy Anniversary!


  4. love this post! congratulations!

  5. Keep on celebrating your anniversary! Cute young couple! Thx for all the explanations on how you did the image and what make the car was! The waterlogue conversion was beautiful. I was just thinking last night that we hadn’t had an earthquake in a long time. This one was a sqeaky tiny one.

  6. Wishes to you for many more happy ones, with or without earthquakes!
    Barcelona in SF? Nice.
    Do you remember which flowers were in your sweet bouquet?

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