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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Settling in…


We arrived in Barcelona last Wednesday  at 11:00 a.m. and immediately started to become acquainted with our new “home away from home”. It is quite impressive in my way of thinking. We are in the Eixample District of Barcelona which when it was laid out back in the 1800’s, was aligned in a gridded regular square system. The sidewalks are lined with multi-storied buildings most of which have multiple balconies (we have two) in wrought iron with ten feet tall shutters. 


You walk all the way through and find another balcony and a common open space for the block. 


Our front door details…


The square blocks have their corners lopped off so every time you come to an intersection it visually opens up and makes this very urban space human and accessible. A fabulous urban planner thought that up! Every block has a big beautiful intersection.


Thursday morning we explored our neighborhood and quickly walked past the Block of Discord. I got my first glimpse of Casa Botlló. We were on our to the University area for our Untours orientation (how to use the Metro, interesting day trips…)

 The local market:  

Lots of art nouveau building facades:



The University clock tower:

We met our group at a cafe in an interior courtyard with the most amazing wall decorations:


Friday we went through Casa Batlló: 

Oh, joy, oh, rapture! Then we met our Untours group for a tour of the Santa Catarina Market, olive oil tasting and a tapas lunch. 


Terry and I walked around the main cathedral on our way home… 


That was the only organized activity with Untours and now we are on our own…so Saturday we hopped the high speed train (201 km/hour) for a day-trip to Girona for their flower festival…

This is only the beginning…  

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4 thoughts on “Settling in…

  1. What is the block of discord? Love the pics!


  2. You were able to catch the Flower Festval in Girona!!!!!!!! Yay. See the iron Eiffel built walking bridge across the river?? I didn’t know there was a fast train to Girona.

  3. WOW! Great photos. In 2000, we met some very interesting people at Gaudi’s Park from Tasmania and still keep in touch. Amazing mosaics, sculptures, and architecture and that cathedral that has been in the process for many years….I love seeing more of Barcelona via your photos. Thanks so much.
    Beware of pickpockets tho…

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