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Green tags…

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I first met TM when he was staying at his parent’s house in Southern California after returning from two years in the Peace Corps in India and while he was waiting to go to law school at Berkeley. I thought he was intriguing because he read the LeMonde newspaper in French and it turned out that during his junior year in college he had gone to the University of Fribourg in Switzerland where he spoke the language for the year and learned it pretty well. In that first year, he taught me about raclette, gherkins  and Fendant wine. (I wasn’t completely backward, I did already know about fondue and Kirsch!) Forty three years later our friends from Pennsylvania, Jan and Dick Crooker invited us to visit them in Italy while they exchanged houses which would put them in Stresa on Lake Maggiore. It would be around the time of our 4oth wedding anniversary, so I thought it would be a perfect time to extend the trip into Switzerland. We will be off to Zurich and then take a train to Kandersteg, Switzerland for two weeks of day trips (we have a rail pass for that whole time) and then to Lugano, Switzerland for three nights. Then we will travel south to Stresa, Italy for four nights with one night in Milan before flying home. That is the itinerary. I need to explain the green tags, however.

The Swiss rail system is so gifted that they give you a tag to put on your suitcase at your home airport. This tag sends your luggage straight through to the train station closest to your apartment. No picking up your bag at the baggage in the airport before your two-hour train ride. You just have to pack every thing you need for the first day in your carry-on. Such efficiency…like clockwork…and I bet the train is going to be on time, too. Our apartment has wifi so hopefully blogging will be efficient and like clockwork, too. See you on the other side!


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  1. Bonjour Lois, Whoda known that you would be so impressed that TM could read ‘La Monde’ and 40+ years later that you two would be living your dreams traveling and dining in the most beautiful parts of the world ?  Bless you on this trip….love hearing about all of them. Bon Voyage


    P.S. I could not get your ‘Comment” page to work. 

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