Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Report from the field…


I am happy to report that despite the drought, the grape vines in Healdsburg are in good shape…


At Preston Winery and Farm Stand, all is well…

IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1160 IMG_1161

and I learned that Butterfly Bush flowers make a lovely addition to a flower arrangement. Who knew?


The winery cats are good-looking and do not like to move. (This may be the biggest cat I have ever seen.)

IMG_1162 IMG_1163 IMG_1194

Over at the Pedroncelli Winery vines are climbing into the sky…

IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1175 IMG_1174

The really good news is that the peach stand is open earlier than ever (and the peaches are fabulous).

IMG_1169 IMG_1167

So get up there and remember as you drive that one side is the passing side  and the other is the sui-side…


When I got home I took the armload of clarkia flowers that I got for $5.00 at a roadside stand and added a few of my own Butterfly Bush flowers. Nice!


and my Butterfly Bush just keeps on attracting butterflies…and the flowers are going to be brought inside for good use.


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2 thoughts on “Report from the field…

  1. Glad that the drought has not scoured the entire state. When we were there in Jan. We saw whole orchards dead and being removed along Highway 5. I am on the third book Terry gave me. Ready for Italy? Jan


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