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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Eagles, Red-tails, and Bobcats…


April’s birding field trip was close to home. Kind of happy not to have to get up at the crack of dawn to travel for an hour to get to the location. Saturday we just had to go 5 minutes to the Valle Vista Staging Area of the San Leandro Reservoir. Typical California rolling hills, covered with green because we have had some rain the last couple of weeks. The Reservoir is still very low, however.


We took off from the parking lot…this is a tree swallow…


This area needs a permit from EBMUD for entry but they are easy to get online if you want to take this trail. It goes off into some woods.


IMG_9436IMG_9440 IMG_9443 IMG_9441

Then it meets up with a bridge over a river…



As I always say, the mark of a good bridge is its rust and lichen…

IMG_9455IMG_9466IMG_9461 IMG_9464

For the group I was with, the mark of a good bridge was the Wood Ducks in the water…but I missed them…got the flowers, though…

IMG_9470 IMG_9479

We continued walking toward the reservoir…


We came to the water and its Great Blue Herons as well as Cormorants and ducks…


and then the best sighting of the day happened…


and he soared…an immature Bald Eagle…


IMG_9502 IMG_9510 IMG_9507 IMG_9505

Lots of Bluebird boxes around…(a swallow on top of this one)…


A sad note on the way back down the trail…near the horse facility on the edge of the trail there was a very ill bobcat. It just lay there, still twitching his ears and tail. Once he raised his head a little. As we watched, making phone call after phone call to the EBMUD and the Animal Control only to find message machines because it was a Saturday morning, he eventually got up and walked slowly toward the barn. (One of the people involved with the horses eventually drove up and when we told her about it she said that the day before the Animal Control had come out but when they got there the Bobcat had disappeared.)

IMG_9527 IMG_9528

The only time I have actually seen a Bobcat in the wild. Its being so ill is the only reason. When TM got to the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital for his Sunday morning shift he found that Animal Control had brought it into the hospital Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, it did not survive the day. As we were making all our phone calls we did get to observe “Red-tails in Love”…this time of year, pairs circling, foot drooping…a lovely sight on top of the sad one…


It was great weather for this hike and a nice morning…

IMG_9530 IMG_9531

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4 thoughts on “Eagles, Red-tails, and Bobcats…

  1. Neat to see your photos from “Life in Focus” in context 🙂 Looks like a great field trip.

  2. Hey Lois! Lovely photos of your trek through nature! Just wanted to let you know I emailed you with your Stackables promo code (congrats!) and I got a message saying your address had fatal errors. Send me an email at susantuttle36 at gmail dot com


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