Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Urban nature…


Oakland, California…

We went on the first field trip for TM’s birding class Saturday morning. Two places close to home but we had never been to either one.

In the heart of Oakland is the Lake Merritt wildlife preserve which we visited first and then we walked through the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in the industrial part of the city.

Lake Merritt

The Lake Merritt tidal lagoon was the first official wildlife refuge in the United States designated in 1870. This great building sits by its side. (The Bellevue-Staten Building from 1929. Designed by Herman Bauman.) A lovely grey day, teaming with birds willing to pause long enough in their routines for an iPhone to capture them.


IMG_9520 IMG_9528 IMG_9535 IMG_9546

Eddie Bartley, one of the teachers of the class and the leader of the field trip…


Black-crowned Night-heron with American Coots…


Greater Scaup…


A female and two male Canvasbacks with two American Coots…


Black-crowned Night-herons…

IMG_9556 IMG_9579


A Cormorant sits on the top branch of this tree…

IMG_9588 IMG_9594 IMG_9596 IMG_9597

Snowy Egret (still can’t believe I got this picture)…


American White Pelicans…

IMG_9612 IMG_9613 IMG_9615 IMG_9618

Greater Egret with a cormorant in the background…

IMG_9627 IMG_9628 IMG_9637 IMG_9638


Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

After great success with birds a Lake Merritt we drove west through the industrial part of Oakland to the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Great birding here, too, plus a view of the Bay Bridge from an angle I had never seen it from (the south side). It was a grey day but still a very nice park and on a clear day the view is probably magnificent of the bridge and the San Francisco skyline.


IMG_9656 IMG_9657 IMG_9663

Canada Geese…


Long-billed Curlew…


This mass of Western Sandpipers, Dunlins, and Least Sandpipers arose in a panic and agitatedly flew around because…


up on the crane tower to the far left, unseen by my human eyes and unseen by my iPhone, was a Peregrine Falcon. Luckily many of the other birders had powerful scopes that they shared. (Pretty sure that is going on someone’s Christmas list for next year!)


IMG_9685 IMG_9686

A nice morning in two places that I am sure we will be returning to for viewing and on the way home we stopped for fish tacos. So many examples of those who like to eat fish…we just couldn’t help ourselves.

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2 thoughts on “Urban nature…

  1. So Picturesque & Educating, Lois — Loved viewing your day along with you!

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