Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

The patch…


TM is taking a class at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco so that he can become a Master Birder. Evidently it involves a certificate (who knew he was so goal oriented!) and meets once a month for a year. There will be many field trips. Plus writing down the birds he spots and learning to identify them. Also, he has to adopt a patch of land to visit regularly and keep a record of its birds. We were trying to decide what area to adopt (I am his assistant and will probably carry his water bottle while he wields the binocs) so we visited one of our favorite walks that is a few miles away from home. It is a portion of the Lafayette/Moraga Regional Parks trail. Wednesday morning when we visited the fog were still low.

IMG_9339 IMG_9344 IMG_9345 IMG_9360IMG_9362

I usually do not try to take pictures of birds because all I have with me is my iPhone and the pictures don’t come out very well. However, it seemed like  such a lucky bird day that it was almost like they were saying “Please take my picture.” So…

a Hummer posed on a branch

IMG_9365 IMG_9367

and a Great Blue Heron waded in the creek below the chain link fence…


It was a definitely lucky patch so we went back again today. There was no fog this time…


IMG_9410 IMG_9412

but there was a TV (turkey vulture) sitting in the sun.



quail and ducks…

IMG_9437 IMG_9427

To top it all off when we got to the coffee shop nearby and sat down on the bench to drink our lattes we got dive-bombed by a pair of Hummers being territorial…obviously we were just too close!

IMG_9445 IMG_9459 IMG_9456 IMG_9454 IMG_9447

The consensus is that this patch will do just fine for study since it seems to be teeming with bird life…and we can always visit our Hummer friends for coffee if we don’t run into enough birds.

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4 thoughts on “The patch…

  1. Morongo Valley was our first experience with some birders. One of the teenagers had trouble seeing out of his binoculars, so his Dad told him to trim off his eyelashes. I still recall that and it was many years ago. I guess birders can get very serious! lol

    Here is a site that has some reviews about Morongo and the many birds who frequent that park.


    I hope you’ll both enjoy birding.

  2. Hello I have a large oil painting of Mt Goats by your father (I believe?), Chang Reynolds, and I am trying to find some information on it. I’ve had it since the mid 90’s and it came with some supporting information in a newspaper article. It is quite stunning and I would love some more information on it if you are interested.

    Jean Ragland
    Renton, WA

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