Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



Water, water everywhere…



Let me rephrase that…IT IS RAINING IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA! That is meant to be a shout. It does, however, wreck havoc with morning walks. Rather than rainwalkers, we are now mallwalkers since the last two mornings we have sought out the closest enclosed mall for our exercise. There are closer shopping areas to us but they are not enclosed so we headed for the Sunvalley Mall. (Ahem, I had to promise no stopping to shop but you better believe that my eyes were busy checking out every window.)



No slush to walk on here!

We were not the only ones. By the second day we could spot those walking and those shopping. We had an instant bond with those there for the exercise. This was my favorite co-walker. She came up to about my shoulder and really had a spring to her step. She was fast and lapped us multiple times but was such a good example because she went to every right angle corner of the building not missing an inch of stepping space. We started to follow her example but didn’t actually keep up with her (we stopped for coffee…).


We did not mind the drive in the pouring rain to the mall because along with my new bionic eye giving me crystal clear vision for the first time in many years (I had really started to dislike driving because of the blur and the glare from cataracts), we have a new car and I am hoping to find a new bumper sticker that says “I may be old, but I am not dull”. (Thanks for the inspiration, Jan Crooker!)


Yes, they did include an Italian family in the back seat…(don’t miss this hilarious advertisement)!

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4 thoughts on “Rainwalk…

  1. Hilarious.
    I love the mosaic piece.

    ~Thanks, Kata

  2. Thanks, Kata. Mosaic was one of my many phases…

  3. Lois!! You did it!!!!! Yay!!! Have fun driving like a race car driver! Red 500 where are you? I want to see your car!! Remember to feed your Italian family well.

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