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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Lines and light…

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It came about that we spent the entire day and evening in San Francisco on December 30 because I struck a bargain with TM. Usually in the weeks before Christmas we have time for an evening trip over to see the festive lights. The sight of  San Francisco City Hall illuminated with red and green puts me right in the holiday spirit. This year, however, I traded him a trip to his staff party (as in: “if we didn’t go to his party, where would we get a day to embrace SF?”) for a day in the City. The only day it would work was the day of my birthday. What with sales in stores, the lights still up, beautiful weather, and actually being able to get a reservation at the Slanted Door Restaurant, it was perfect.

I have seen SF much more often since I have been retired and one of my favorite things to do as I walk its streets is to use my iPhone to take pictures of the shapes of buildings, the spaces they create, and the light as it plays. These are my images from Monday, the almost last day of the year, 2013. At one point we were on the walkway of the Embarcadero Center which has nooks-and-crannies-views of landmarks and even parrots in trees (big sound effects there, too.)

IMG_8956 IMG_8958

IMG_8957 IMG_8962 IMG_8959


IMG_8968 IMG_8967


I loved seeing ice skaters in the middle of a California town…


Plus there was the light show on the Bay Bridge to watch while we ate…


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