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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

The sea, the sea…

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I have experienced my share of multi-media art shows. Most notably in the last year was the one in Les Baux, France, where there is an installation in an old quarry…lights, film, music all projected on the sides of bauxite walls. (The second video on this page shows it.) However, on Monday during my “best birthday celebration, ever” (a day of playing around in San Francisco…definite advantages to seeing holiday lights after the holiday…less crowds, sales in stores, etc.) we came across a fishing pier near the Ferry Building that we had never walked on before. It was a beautiful day and a great view so we strolled…

IMG_8916 IMG_8917 IMG_8918 IMG_8923 IMG_8925 IMG_8933

Even saw a ferry, two sail boats, and a blimp at the same time:


On our stroll back, I noticed some plaques on the railing at our feet. It turned into one of the nicest multi-media events. Standing, looking at the ocean and the City, reading poetry. Really, everything colluded to make the day more beautiful and more happy. (Except there was no fog to amplify the poetry, just as well…although it would not have dampened the spirit!)


There were portions of three poems, well worth looking up the full text I found…

The light of San Francisco

is a sea light

a land light

and then another scrim

when the new night fog

floats in

and in that vale of light

the city drifts

anchorless upon the ocean

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, “The Changing Light”


(Score! The Pyramid, the Ferry Building and Coit Tower in one image!)

Who has desired the Sea?—the sight of salt

water unbounded—

The heave and the halt and the hurl

and the crash of the comber wind—hounded?

Who hath desired the sea?—the immense

and contemptuous surges?

The shudder, the stumble, the swerve,

as the star-stabbing bow-sprit surges?

Who hath desired the sea?—her menaces swift as her mercies?

The in-rolling walls of the fog and

the silver winged breeze that disperses?

Rudyard Kipling, “The Sea and the Hills”


To sea, to sea! The calm is o’er;

The wanton water leaps in sport

To sea, to sea! our wide-winged bark

Shall billowy cleave its sunny way,

The anchor heaves, the ship swings free,

The sails swell full.

To sea, to sea!

Thomas Lovell Beddoes, “Song from the Ship”

The whole experience conspired to make me think I might like to walk on that pier in a storm. Almost…

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One thought on “The sea, the sea…

  1. I believe that I have left my heart and soul there!

    Your art takes me back to my childhood days of growing up up there!
    Thank you.


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