Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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Yesterday we walked a regional trail. Since it had rained hard the night before and we were walking early before anything had warmed up the trail was iced and slippery and lots of leaves and galls had fallen on the path. It made for some excitement to be sure we did not slip and fall. I had set my mind to play with Hipstamatic while we walked, deciding just on one lens and film combo to see what they did together ((Dream Canvas film with Bettie XL lens). I liked it well enough and then when I got home I had a new app I thought I would brush over the top (Distressed FX). That led me to finding some words from Mary Oliver to see if I could thread the images together.

I love to walk…and stand…and look…

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One thought on “Standing…

  1. What kind of IPhone do you have? Your pictures are always so fabulous. My IPhone is getting old.



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