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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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Our first day-long trip was over to Orvieto (it took about an hour and one-half to drive from Spoleto). We had been there two years ago, so I have another blog post from that day that is here. Unfortunately, from my perspective, photos are not allowed inside the Duomo. The interior is an amazing piece of art, especially the frescoes by Fra Angelica and Luca Signorelli in the Capella Nova. The Duomo was started in 1290 and took 300 years to build influenced by plan changes and technical difficulties as well political and social circumstances. There were considerable costs due to quality of the materials and the fame of the artists involved over the centuries.

We met our friends, the Cozens, here for the day and after drinking in the magnificence of the facade of the Duomo with its mosaics, bas relief, and sculptures (not to mention the stripes), Chris and I detailed Terry and Darrell as scouts to ascend the Torre del Moro (clock tower with view and 120 steps, no elevator). They did us proud with view shots…


Chris and I did them proud with our meandering. We saw lots of boar’s heads.

IMG_4290 IMG_4286

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