Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Colors of home…


I have been so submerged in the colors of Italy that I almost missed the colors at home. Grabbed my iPhone yesterday morning to see what was going on during the morning walk. The day before had been sparkling clear and I had told myself that I wanted to record the color of the trees. Most of the year my neighborhood impresses as shades of green but during the fall quite a lot of red, orange and yellow show up. (This is California, not known for its seasons, so my brain notices that something is different because it seems quite unique.) Yesterday I got outside, camera at the ready, and it was blanketed in fog. Turned out that it added a nice touch to the photos. Except for some cropping I did not do any post-processessing…their color is their color…at least the way an iPhone interprets it…

IMG_8544 IMG_8545IMG_8547 IMG_8548 IMG_8551 IMG_8553IMG_8554 IMG_8555 IMG_8556 IMG_8558 IMG_8559 IMG_8561

Happy Morning to you!

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2 thoughts on “Colors of home…

  1. I would not expect to see such wonderful Fall colors in California. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great autumn color shots!



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