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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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In preparation for our trip to Provence, among other sources of information, we relied on a few blogs we discovered. We particularly liked Lost in Arles for its poetic writing and beautiful pictures. It developed that we could hire its writer, Heather Robinson, as a walking tour guide. We are very glad we did because it gave a richness to our tour of the city and she knew a great place (Cuisine de Comtoir) to send us for lunch. (When in Paris last year, one of our favorite places for lunches were the Cuisine de Bar connected to Poilâne Bakery.) Here in Arles, they had tartine sandwiches on Poilâne bread, gazpacho with mint-having only ever had it with parsley, this was a magnificently cooling taste treat-and tiramisu to die for. Plus lovely art on the walls. There I was nourished internally, intellectually, and visually to the point of wishing that I could run to my studio to put paint to paper. Thank you Heather!
This movie is not the entire day…there is more that will be in a second post…later…

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