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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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Our friend Kathy from Atascadero was the first person we knew who went on Untours Tours when she traveled. Her recommendation got us hooked on this way to travel. When we told her where we were going on this trip to Provence, she immediately said, “I have been there.” She had stayed at a different property than we are going to stay in, but had made friends with the other tourists that were in the area at the same time and  one evening she went to dinner where we will be staying. She even sent us pictures she had taken back in 2004 when she had been there. These are her pictures. I am sure things have not changed very much. We will be near the town of Venasque, officially one of the most beautiful in France. There will be lavender…


This will be our view…viewWe will look at our landlady’s house…

landlady's houseThese are the tourist there at the same time Kathy was, so I don’t know them, but picture TM and me dining al fresco, because this patio is ours for awhile!

patioAu revoir…to be continued…

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