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TM, because his Civic Hybrid was upwards of ten years old, was thinking of getting a new car. On the one hand: after our trip to Tuscany there had been a period where he made sound effects when driving and he kept looking at the ads for Fiat Abarths in the paper. On the other hand: he wanted to continue on the road of Hybrids but maybe a step further. All this to commemorate that he had qualified for Social Security.

First, test drives through the Berkeley Hills with the Turbo engined Fiat,  then test drives through San Francisco with the Fit EV. The environmentally conscious part of his brain won out so now we have a totally electric vehicle. And a charging station in the garage…

IMG_9261The Fit EV only comes in blue, cannot be bought at this point (has to be leased), and goes about 100 miles before needing a charge. Since there are two of us we can keep my hybrid if we want to go further without having to stop for a charge.

Of course while reading the owners manual he discovered that there is an iPhone app that you really need, but because he only uses the iPhone 3 that his job gave him it would not work. I had upgraded from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4s a year ago and the 4 was sitting around doing nothing until he really totally retires and has to give the 3 back to the State. But now, there was total pressure from him to go activate the 4 so he could  use it with his new car.

The long story short, we walked out of the phone store, me with an iPhone 5 and him with my old iPhone 4s. So the 4 is still sitting around, but…he can remotely set his car to charge in the middle of the night when the rates are lower, he can remotely tell the car to get the climate control going before he gets there, and best of all the car sends him emails that it is completely charged! You should see the satisfied smile of a man that can talk to his car! (and get a response.) Of course having a new iPhone5 caused me to get a new app for the iPad. It is called Softbox and its purpose is turn the iPad into a lighting source for photos. It makes a completely blank screen that casts a light to what you want to photograph. Some examples, using Hipstamatic on the iPhone:

IMG_9440photoThis is just to say that on our visit to Portland a few weeks ago our favorite exhibit at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) was an illustration of research that conclusively shows that longevity in rats is correlated to diet, friends, and toys. We are just wanting to do our part for the toys. Who ever thought that we would live long enough to have a car that sends us emails? We’ve had the car for two weeks and are very happy but wouldn’t you know, last week TM found an article that said that in order to stay in the California market Fiat will be introducing an all-electric Fiat this month. Don’t think we would have gone for it though even if we had known…

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