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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



It is true, Terry’s goal now that he gets Social Security is to go to Vet school so he knows more about how to rehabilitate wildlife and my goal is to go to film school so that I can make movies.

A few weeks ago an article about a documentary called “Searching for  Sugar Man” appeared discussing how the filmmaker ran our of money before he had finished the film so he used his iPhone and the 8mm Vintage Camera app to complete it. The documentary won the Oscar for best documentary this year…I am participating in this online class with Xanthe Berkeley and experimenting with iMovie.  I decided to use the app to film my day and create a short movie. I only got through half of the day, but it gives an idea of the vintage look of the app.

The positive: the app contains old-time shakiness  so who cares about tripods and stillness. The negative: it takes a while to get used to the vintage look and sepia tones that it gives your footage.

My half day consisted of the morning walk, an opportunity to tie a mural at the local school with my native plant garden, and my usual trip to the local farmer’s market.  The question is are you transported back in time? Thanks for viewing!

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2 thoughts on “8mm…

  1. lois. I love what you are doing! and it makes me miss my home even more!

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