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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Art field trip…


Last week— a trip to SF to see the current show at the deYoung Museum. The special exhibit has “The Girl with a Pearl Earring,” (ca.1665). Loved the book, loved the movie, wanted to see the painting in person. Johannes Vermeer did not disappoint. The man knew light and the painting was gorgeous…but, the one that knocked my socks off was a small painting by Carel Fabritius, “The Goldfinch,” that was exquisite. Painted by Fabritius  in 1654 it is a beautiful rendering of a pet bird (notice the chain). Fabritius had been a student of Rembrandt. In reading about the work I found out that, at the time, goldfinches were often pets and sometimes were successfully trained to lower a thimble-sized bucket into a glass of water so they could quench their own thirst. !? Not much of the art of Fabritius survives because he died young and his studio was destroyed in a munitions explosion that leveled one-fourth of the city of Delft. His painting glowed, but I could not take pictures in the exhibition. I was left with the photos I took later of the post cards I purchased of the works. (The museum also has a concurrent exhibition of “Rembrandt’s Century”.) Lots and lots of etchings. Another beautiful day in San Francisco, highlighted by art that feeds the soul…the paintings will be at the de Young until June 2, 2013.



and, of course, the flowers from the women’s restroom and the restaurant:


Here’s a movie to go with your popcorn…

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4 thoughts on “Art field trip…

  1. Thank you for your kind comment Lois on PB
    I’m crazy for your Metro video! Just fabulous IMHO
    Very impressive
    Grand merci Carolg

  2. I want movie lessons!SOS

  3. Merci Lois – I got to re-live our visit of the de Young Girl with the Pearl… door to door with you!!! Sent to Carol and Michele to view too!!!

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