Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Cite Florale…


The thing about Paris is that you can find a piece of graffiti to express just about anything. As we left Parc Montsouris to search for Cite Florale (a neighborhood with streets named after flowers) we came across this dancer celebrating it all.







Pas mal! Pas mal! (Not bad! Not bad!) An impression of the flowers…






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2 thoughts on “Cite Florale…

  1. Bonjour! I’m thoroughly enjoying reviewing your Paris photos! We are going in May. May I ask where you stayed? I’m searching for apartments through VRBO and having a really hard time making a choice. BTW, I found my way to your blog wandering among the Full Tilt Boogie blogs and videos. I just signed up for it and will probably make the France journal using one of the bindings.

    • Bonjour to you too! This past year we went two times to Paris. In May and then in Sept. We loved the apartment we got through Untours (Untours.com) so much we went back for two more weeks in the same one. Untours has the apartment, gets you to it from the airport, has one evening of orientation, supplies two museum passes and lots of Metro tickets, has a person for you to contact in case of problems and then leaves you on your own. (They also help with plane tickets over if you want them to.) Our apartment was in the 15th Arr. near three Metro stations. Definitely a residential neighborhood, not a touristy section.(We were on Rue Blomet) with the bread, meat, fish, vegetable shops 1/2 block away. Heaven! We had never been there before and up to that point had not traveled much but now we are addicted. Plus the whole experience stays with you as you make the Full Tilt Boogie journal. I hope you have a lot of fun. If you want to know anything more, just ask.

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