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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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Speaking of telemetry and condors, last week Terry was out at his volunteer job with GGRO (Golden Gate Raptor Observatory) where he goes one day a week to band raptors so their migration patterns over the Marin Headlands (part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area) Can be studied. He was asked to hold a large redtail hawk while it was fitted with a GPS transmitter so its path can be followed. His job was to hold it and then get it to move its wings to see if the equipment was working.
I did not take these pictures that show the transmitter (it fits on with a harness) because I am not really a talon type of person. These pictures were taken by Calvin Hom another volunteer who gave me permission to include them here. Telemetry info is linked here. The blind that catches the redtail that will be attached with the device gets to name it from a list of names. The choice was Big Bird because of its large size.
The linked site will be updated to reflect that Big Bird is also sending signals along with Augusta the first redtail fitted with a transmitter.

I decided I should add this additional picture because it shows the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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