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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



Bonjour, tout le monde…we have arrived and settled in. Three trips across the ocean and still no ability to sleep on an airplane…c’est la vie…just keep moving to delay the drooping of the eyelids. Arrived here about 10:00 a.m. and dropped off the suitcases at rue Blomet. After changing into clothes that suited the humidity better we were off to find the third Poilane Bakery and it’s Cuisine de Bar for some lunch. Turned out to be in the block behind the Letitia Hotel (Joyce and John, how did we miss that in May?) Walked to the Metro from our apartment, hopped on it for seven stops and there we were…







Formule: salade, tartine (on their signature bread…jambon on one and saumon on the other…tea and their signature teaspoon cookie).
The bakery next door has a wonderful back room…me? I would definitely hang a room with paintings one on top of another like this…oh, and a chandelier made of bread…oh, yes!


Refreshed and having recovered some strength, we walked to Bon Marche’ s Le Grande Epicerie for dinner provisions…so many distractions along the way…

Secret Pictures

Tap to enlarge for the surprise on the second floor balcony…


We told the clerk not to include the bee in our wrapped tart…she shrugged and said they liked the sweet…as if to say, “What can you do…”
And a secret passage…





First macaron counter…current entrants for the taste test are now chocolate, praline, and salted caramel (more later because they are still in the bag not having been taste tested yet)
We were starting to droop, so took a quick walk through the small park across the street, Square Boucicaut (oh, Paris, you do understand the park thing)



Even the crows in Paris…something about the way they hold their heads…

This statue is of Madame Bon Marche (madame Boucicaut) who received a large fortune at her husband’s death and donated it mostly to children…
Used an entrance to the Sevres-Babylone station we hadn’t used in May and found these shades of blue tiles…




Made it home, crashed for a nap, got up for dinner, re-crashed for most of the night and here I am as the morning dawns on Paris making a blog post. I am just going to have to keep making these trips across the sea until I get sleeping on an airplane right!…

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4 thoughts on “Bonjour,…

  1. Bienvenue!! Lois – I am in heaven!!!! I never thought that you would be blogging from Paris!!!! Is this the first time when we readers can click on a photo and get a larger version!? The Letitica Hotel is where you know that actress (CD) has done lots of interviews! You do not know how happy your blog has made me. I want to eat at that Poilane.

  2. Wow! Have a great time! You lucky dogs!


  3. Love those first pictures of the café/restaurant, I’ll be jotting down that name for a future visit! (I mean was that a freaking cookie spoon? That’s worth a visit right there :))

    Beautiful photos, well done.

    • Thank you for visiting! Poilane is rumored to have the best bread in Paris (I wouldn’t know…haven’t tried it all yet…but wouldn’t mind trying!) and the spoon cookies are a delight. Three locations in Paris but only two have the Bar de Cuisine.

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