Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

A walk in the clouds…


On our morning walks this week there have been beautiful skies. I finally remembered to take my camera Saturday morning. On our walks we usually have a series of pauses to wait for Katie-the-dog to investigate the path. The walk on Saturday was more everyone waiting for me to get pictures.








As we got closer to the playground, the Bird-man pointed toward something on the tarmac. Took me awhile to decipher the Great Blue Heron standing on the asphalt. This was a totally unusual environment…where would it find fish to eat in this neighborhood? I took more time taking shots with my iPhone and walking toward the bird to see how close I could get without spooking it. Three steps, snap…three steps, snap…


Author: loisreynoldsmead


4 thoughts on “A walk in the clouds…

  1. Ha, the last one was quite a surprise.

  2. You have an amazing ability to weave together images. This is as beautiful as Paris. I save your blogs. Jan jancrooker@hotmail.com

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