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I have not made a iPhone collage in a long, long time so when I ran across this post I decided to practice again the art of layering. I did not follow the article exactly but was glad it refreshed my familiarity with the apps.

I used two images, one a statue from the Louvre in Paris and the other from an aerial photograph of San Francisco that is displayed in the tower of the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. Both images were taken with the native camera of my iPhone 4s.

1. The picture of the map had a large reflection circle in the middle of it so I put that image into TouchRetouch app and removed the light area and then saved it to the camera roll.

2. I used PhotoForge2 to crop and save the map image.

3. Both images were put in Juxtaposer app. The map was the bottom image and the statue was the top. Using the controls in this app I removed the parts of the picture around the statue and situated it in the size and position I wanted on the bottom image. This was saved to the camera roll as one image.

4. The new image was uploaded into Camera+ app and the clarity preset was applied. Then it was saved.

5. Put into Snapseed app where the Drama filter was used with an intensity +75 and saturation +75. Saved to the Camera roll.

6.Uploaded to PictureShow app and the Retro filter was applied and then saved.

7.In Photo FX the Lens FX Vignette was applied. (Black circle was selected with a softness of 200 and amount of 75.) Then  Film Lab/ grain/ Big monochrome at 36 was used and the image was saved.

8. The saved image went into Halftone app with these applied: dotsize, strength, grain at normal; paper at plain white; no layout active. Image was saved.

Then the Image Blender app was used and the image from #8 (halftone) was uploaded on the left side as the background. The image from #7 was used on the right. Slide the bar all the way to the right and edit the image with the mask control using a small brush to erase areas (I erased on the face.)

I felt the image needed another layer so with CollagePro app I combined an image of graph paper and some script from within the app. Then I used the Image Blender app to combine the two images. Once more into Snapseed for a frame and just a touch of the vintage filter to tone down the bright white of the frame. Last touch was into Impression app to sign my work. That’s it!

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3 thoughts on “Layers…

  1. Great tips, but my short attention span lagged behind the info! I’ll probably need the info later on!! See you at Peet’s.

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