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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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You might have thought when you saw the title of this post that this was going to finally be an entry about French food. Not yet. This is actually about the serendipitous nature of running across sculptures that you don’t realize you are going to see. It always makes my heart sing. Just a few examples. The first one occurred when we arrived at the San Francisco Airport to fly to Paris.
This is a sculpture by Deborah Butterfield. I had used reproduction posters of her work while I was teaching art but I had never seen her work life-size and up close. Excitement!

The last day we were in Paris, we spent hours in the morning being sure our suitcases were the correct weight and then went out for a quick lunch. Returning to our apartment which was close to three Metro stations we came back from a station we had not used before. On our walk we discovered a small park and a sculpture by Joan Miro. It turned out that he had lived in our neighborhood along with many other artists and had given the sculpture to the City of Paris.






L’Oiseau Lunaire
This small park had plantings that reminded us of our home garden that we would see the next day…



Matilija poppy and friend…
After we got home we watched the PBS documentary Paris: Luminous Years and found that Montparnasse, our district, was a hotbed of developing modern art, music and literature from 1905-30. On our next trip we will go sit in one of the cafes that Picasso used to frequent.
On the day we walked through the Tuileries, over near the carousel…


We came upon wonderful polka-dotted flowers by Yayoi Kusama



Since I had read this blog about her I thought her work would be fun to see but I didn’t expect it to ever happen. I was especially attracted to the children’s activity the museum had where at the beginning of the exhibit there was a white room that over the course of the exhibition was covered with dot stickers. Which in turn reminded me of the power pole we passed in front of the Rodin Museum. We went there on the free night so we did not get a ticket but it looked like the tickets included round stickers and that the patrons had stuck them all over the pole. Art is a universal impulse…

Coming across sculptures in unexpected places also happens to me at home. I met Terry for lunch in Hayes Valley in S. F. this week and we saw this sculpture as we strolled.




Kate Raudenbush, “Future’s Past”
We reflected on how Hayes Valley has macarons, butcher shops, bakeries, boulangeries and sculpture. Maybe we did not need to go back to Paris, just walk through this neighborhood more often. It even has Blue Bottle Coffee.


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