Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Toe-tappin’ Friday night…

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The hubs and I toe tapping to some music

How far we have come-both of us in Keen shoes so we can walk in a city, as opposed to the sandals we would have worn back in the day when we first began to listen to…

along with Maria Muldaur, Rickie Lee Jones, Jim Kweskin, Harry Shearer, plus Dan Hicks’ jazz band in Junior High in Santa Rosa in the early ’60’s. Oh, yes, and the Hot Licks. A great night of music and nostalgia after a walk through the city center





Over to Hayes Valley for a quick bite

Then back to the Hall for the birthday bash…can’t believe Dan Hicks is seventy…

Turns out that Davies Hall has two balconies on the top floor (good thing we got cheap, high up seats) or I never would have gotten these views



I decided me playing with processing my photos on my phone while we waited to go to our seats was very much akin to the woman at the next table sketching. Husband had to fend for himself, tolerant fellow, while she observed…

Hope I see a lot of sketchers in Paris…that would make a nice thread…

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