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The paper chase…

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Before I went to Italy I posted a list of paper stores that I hoped to visit while I was there. Here is my revised list. First the bad news, said with deep sorrow in Gianni’s voice, Pineider is closed. He said it like a death of a friend. Maybe it was, the country has such a deep respect for handmade craft and there was something about three sons must have been the reverence for family businesses, also. All of the other stores were there, however.
Beginning and ending with Johnson and Relatives. My first and last paper stores I went in while there, they have many branches in Florence and I even went in the branch in Orvieto. They have Il Papiro papers as well as marbling demonstrations.

The paper on top is the one I marbled. It got a little creased in the suitcase. They also had packages of a variety of papers, 5 that were 8×10 and 5 that were 5×7 in each package. Good for collages.


One branch is near the Duomo another on Via Cavour.
Over near the Pitti Palace

At Piazza Pitti 37 is Gianni e figlio.
This is a piece from them and their variety packages.



I was really glad that we decided to go looking for Il Torchio. Over the Ponte Vecchio and up a side street. This side of the Arno River is called the Oltrano and is very dynamic. It was a beautiful walk.

The paper here (Via dei Bardi 17) had more metallic pigment in it (I love glitz) although it doesn’t show up in photos so well.

One not on my original list was Lo Scrittoio at Via Nazionale 126. These have a lot of metallic, also.

A surprise was in the museum store of the Duomo Museum where there was a stack of folded papers that were printed in Italy.


I loved this map.
There was also Carteria Tassotti at Via dei Servi 9/11. These are printed papers, file folders, and small prints.

I had to go in this store on multiple occasions because the silver envelopes at the bottom were actually their packaging for small items. They have beautiful script on them.
The only store we missed was Et Cetera at Via della Vigna Nuova 82 because we never got to that side of the city. From my point of view, this was a successful  paper trail.

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  1. Lois, How I ENVY you!!!! All those gorgeous, unbelievable marbled papers!!!

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