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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



The Uffizi is one of the museums where you can not take pictures in the galleries. We visited on our second day and the museum is massive. It may have been the heat, it may have been the tourist groups (believe me, the groups own the territory), it may have been the jet lag, but it was the only place where I did not gasp in wonder at my first sight of a favorite piece of art. I thought in my mind that Botticelli’s Birth of Venus was going to have a pearly glow about it but in reality it was dark and ill lit. So I bought a post card that is pearly and glowy and took some pictures out the window hoping for unusual angles.




I was also able to get some shots from across the Arno.


And from right in front.

A few nights later we were in the same neighborhood for dinner at Trattoria Nella

When a pig walked by (I only put this bad picture here because you would never believe me if I just told you.)

After a lovely meal, we strolled home by way of the bank of the Arno in the dark of evening. (I did have to tutor Terry on the fine art of Italian strolling from my keen observation: gentleman with hand in pocket, lady with relaxed arm through crook in elbow, resting lightly.) We passed in front of the Uffizi enjoying the gentle evening and lights.


At the edge of Piazza della Signoria right next to the Palazzo Vecchio was a four piece band playing jazz for us as we enjoyed the out door sculpture gallery.




By the time we got to the other side of the piazza we were being serenaded by an accordion player. We kept strolling toward our apartment thinking it could not get much better, when organ music started to fill the neighborhood and reverberate off the walls of the buildings. We came upon Chiesa di Santa Maria de Ricci where every night at 9:15 there is a free organ concert. We took a seat in a pew and listened to Bach. Magic, Firenze is magic…

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4 thoughts on “Uffizi…

  1. Firenze is an open air museum! Great post!

  2. Florence is such a wonderful city. Thanks for these wonderful photos (a pig too! 🙂 ), and for bringing back memories. Thank you.

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