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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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As we left the Uffizi Museum where the galleries spread across the upper floor, we were led through the lower floor that contained an exhibit about how the Uffizi began. It was here that the bronze statue of Cosimo I was displayed. As we left the museum there were no post cards with pictures. (Many museums we visited did not allow photos so I was left with only being able to take photos out of windows at the view.) I collected a lot of postcards of what I saw, though, and Terry was tickled to find that in museums in Italy, right next to museum bookstores, might be located wine shops.
A few days after seeing the statue we decided to go to the Museo Nazionale del Bargello because it has a collection of early statues by Michelangelo. The guide book also said that the museum contained a bronze of Cosimo. A duplicate, I think to myself. We went through the museum but did not see the sculpture so we re-checked the book which said it should be in the room with the Michelangelo’s. We went back through the room and way over in the corner was an empty pedestal with a piece of copy paper that said that the bronze was over visiting the Uffizi. And in the bookstore I found a postcard. This is what he looks like in bronze

As we started to go out the uschita (exit) there was something else right next to the door. Cosimo


Later in the week we walked through the Palazzo Vecchio where Cosimo was sitting on a horse. This bronze statue was made by Giambologna and the horse was cast in one piece. It was early in the morning and the light was at the wrong direction so I tried to save the image by using Snapseed app (heavily).

When we were in Montalcino, Cosimo was also featured. He, however, was not liked here because he annexed them in 1559. There was a statue anyway.


I hope I have answered the question “Where’s Cosimo?” I did my best…maybe I will write a children’s book…put him in some black and white stripes…wait till I tell you about the black and white stripes…and show you the view from the Uffizi window…

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