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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



My brain’s ability to process all of the art I have seen and the museums I have visited is going to be delayed until I can get some perspective on this astounding place. Until then, small stories-starting with Gianni. Two days ago Terry cheered when I said I was done with paper stores. But then, today, we passed one more, a branch of one we had already been in (multiple times, even) and I almost walked right past but something tugged me. Last day…when will this ever happen to me again…what if there was something I missed? As luck would have it, Gianni was working the store today, even though he usually does the marbling. (He could own the place for all I know. It is called Johnson and Relatives.) He asked where we were from and then declared that San Francisco was his favorite place (all Italians say that) and then said, “Come look” pointing to his vat of thickened water. I say, “Is that carrageegan?” He explained that in the studio that is what they use, but in the store they use wall paper paste so that it doesn’t start to smell. They use acrylic paint so that it dries quickly. (Oh, I could do a lesson plan right now!) Then he invited me to comb the colors, all because I mentioned that I had been an art teacher. After we had gone off to see the owl in Michelangelo’s “Day and Night” (for Terry) we dropped by again to pick up my now dry paper to take home. I told Gianni that I would make a book from the paper and remember him. The process:




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2 thoughts on “Gianni…

  1. How beautiful! Makes me homesick for the marbling tub. I’ve used liquid starch; and there is a prepared liquid I used in classes at a community college nearby (paper does not need to pre dampened with alum)

    And how I envy you all those paper stores—tell about them.

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