Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

This place…


What do you do if you have been on a plane with no lunch and then you get settled in to your apartment and you realize the pangs in your stomach are too intense to be denied? If you are in this place, and you are Lois and Terry, you go out searching for your first gelato. In places that look like this


Until you find this

And you eat this (flavors: tiramisu and amaretto)

On a bench in a small plaza with this behind you

And then you wander back home getting used to cobblestones under your feet, passing by one of the paper stores on “the list” (quick look, quick look), and then you come to a corner where you get your first glimpse of this

Speechless with awe…

Author: loisreynoldsmead


3 thoughts on “This place…

  1. YES! I remember the feeling – the first glimpse of the duomo. BUT truthfully, the feeling of awe repeated itself each time I viewed the duomo. Never went away.
    hope you try Grom one day for gelato- very different than vivoli.

  2. Lois, I can tell you’re not one bit excited! Nah! Liz

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