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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



Suitcase is not packed yet , but my travel journal is ready.

I used the fabric I found in Portland to make the cover and then printed the photo of the Duke of Tuscany on a piece of fabric with my inkjet printer so that I could sew it on. It is like I am going to take Cosimo home for a visit. The inside pages are made from old Selvedge Magazine pages. They are such a nice weight and segments of the images will peek through under the photos and ephemera I paste in. This book will probably balloon to twice its size by the time I get through.


Lots of washi tape being used here.
This reminds me that another book that has ballooned in thickness is the the one I created from a vintage photo album.

I posted this picture of the cover when I made it months ago but never any of the collages inside.

Seeing the pages photographed helps me see how the parts relate to the whole better than when I am working with the pieces. The iPhone is such a great tool for that. Quick and easy, and I can see that the pages need more writing.
The pages…






That is enough for now, I will show you more later when I have done more writing.
The idea for binding both of these books comes from Mary Ann Moss…her Remains of the Day class and her Full Tilt Boogie class. She has a wonderful blog called Dispatch From LA.
Off to pack that suitcase. My friend Murph says to pack it once and then unpack and leave out half the stuff. That is what I will do, I have always found her to be very wise…

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10 thoughts on “Ready..

  1. Lois…Your books are absolutely STUNNING!!! Wish I could hold them in my hands in person and see all the rich textures… BRAVO! Thanks for sharing…

  2. wow – they are totally fab have a good trip

  3. Hello Lois from a fellow ROD/FTB classmate. You have a wonderful talent for putting colour together, both your covers and your pages are fabulous. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  4. Love the one you’ve done a lot of work in. Such rich layers of images and color. I need to put more stuff on my pages after looking at this. I really like your style.
    And you’re going to Orvieto… I’m green with envy. Hope you have a fabulous time and blog about it like crazy when you get back so we can all enjoy the trip.

    • Thank you so much for your comments! Excitement, excitement, excitement…it is all a mad circle—take masses of photos, print masses of photos, have to have masses of pages in books to put them in. So, have to make those books! This all equals fun!

  5. Selvedge….oh I love that magazine…..how nice to let the pages have another use and purpose…Bravo!

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