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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…



I wish I had read a little more history before I went to Portland, because I would have been on the look-out for particular landmarks. Especially, I would have taken a picture of the Benson Bubbler fountains dotted around where we were walking. I thought they were a new feature, but actually the city started to place them back in 1917 from a gift from a local citizen (Mr. Benson) who was hoping to keep his loggers out of saloons at lunch time. They merrily bubble continuously (they are now set with timers to turn them off late at night and early morning) and are four bowls of continuous flow, bubbling along. Wish I hadn’t missed that picture. I did get these fountains, though, around the Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Bronze fountains around a Federal Courthouse reflecting the natural history of the area.

Of course, old buildings and new convention centers.

Had to take one shot from within the MaxTrain because it is such a fine system of public transit (and they refer to their senior citizens as “Honored Citizens”—now, that is a really nice place!)

Then it was time to fly home

Happy to have such good friends and old-time roomies to meet in far-off places to see beautiful cities and catch up on old times and children. Story after story and laugh after laugh. Lovely days, girls…see you next year.

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2 thoughts on “Wrap-up…

  1. Hi Lois, My nephew (R. DeBey) is a violin maker in Portland. Recently he found a small (sample) talc tin in a very old violin case holding a violin he is repairing.

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