Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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Inspired by my visit to a new city, new photos from the visit, and even a new app for my iPhone, today I have been playing…in between painting new doors and windows…almost done now, only the bathroom left for the worker guys to do.

The app is called CollagePro. It has a lot of nice things about it, however, it kept crashing before I could save what I was doing and I got very frustrated with it. Then I realized, if  I saved after every move I made instead of only at the end, maybe it would not get so temperamental about the whole thing and treat me nicer. So, I started doing frequent saving and combining parts I got out of CollagePro with other apps and I became more successful…a combination of CollagePro, PicGrunger, Blender, and Snapseed gave me these…

The center image is a texture shot of a large, bronze elephant statue in a Portland park.

Have I mentioned how much I like bridges? Here, the best is last…

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