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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

2nd Annual Roomie Reunion…

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Last year it was Arnold, CA…this year Portland, OR…

Jenny, Murph, and I met for a few days of catching up…roomies on the town in a big city! We made good use of the hotel’s Happy Hour and free breakfast, and then we walked and walked.

We must not tarry here,
We must march my darlings.

And march we did. Jenny forging a path and Murph reminding us to take our giant steps across the intersections before the light timed us out (guess who was the kindergarten teacher!) Then there was me, slow but steady, except when I had to stop to snap a shot. There was many a beautiful thing to snap, too.

I loved bridges before, now I reeaally love bridges.




A most unbelievable thing happened. Early one of the mornings, we were standing on the curb ready to catch the light rail to get to a new section of the city to explore. Constant chatter, of course. A man walked by, did a double take, walked by again, and then came up and said “I’m Rick Schaeffer.” OMG, he had been the Superintendent of Schools in Moraga. He retired the same year I did, but I didn’t realize he had moved to Portland. Such a small world!

The apps here include Hipstamatic, Diptic, and the native camera of the iPhone 4.

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