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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Salem in two parts…

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Some parts of our trip were well planned and structured. The friends and relatives we visited helped define what we would do. Some days, however, were serendipitous. Salem we chose for a night’s stop because it was a good stopping point between Seattle and Jacksonville (that would be an access point so we could get to a play in Ashland) and we had little idea for structuring our time there until we arrived. We were an hour early for check-in for our night’s abode so we located it to orient ourselves. By looking at a map we found we were close to an art gallery on the Willamette University campus.

When we walked in, I was completely blown away. A special exhibit called Americana by Ross Palmer Beecher was hung on the walls. Shazaam…unfortunately they did not allow pictures so I can only link you to the gallery site, try to describe the art, and urge you to investigate. So what was it? Full sized quilts with some of my favorite patterns, log cabin and wedding ring, that on closer inspection were actually made out of metal. All recycled from the artist’s dumpster-diving. Log cabin quilt out of olive oil tins. I am loving it. Little tiny punched holes, little tiny wire thread hand-sewn. Delicious! My picture is of the postcard that advertises the show. The quilt is made of tin, wagon, and lunch box. Hope you can see the stitching. It was a great show-I could have stayed there for hours, but enjoyed watching the video about the artist surrounded by her work. It is funny how Terry always disappears and I find him sitting on a bench playing Sudoku. Thank goodness for iPhones! Then we needed to go check in.

Our next impulse was to go walk the riverfront park and see the carousel.


Over the Willamette River and to the horses.




A little more Americana on this Independence Day weekend.

The photos in the square format are taken with the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone. Otherwise they are taken with the iPhone native camera and cropped and sharpened in Iris Photo Suite.
One last photo I wanted to play with in Snapseed on the iPad.


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